DE Darrius Williams Getting Noticed

Belton Honea Path, South Carolina defensive end Darrius Williams is starting to get noticed. Duke is recruiting him the hardest but some new schools are also entering the picture.

Darrius Williams - Profile

What are you measurables?
"I am 6'1" and weigh 220 pounds. My best forty time is a 4.49."

What position do you play on your high school team?
"I am a defensive end."

Which team seems to be recruiting the hardest right now?
"Right now I will say Duke has been sending me the most stuff and recruiting me the hardest."

What other schools are recruiting you?
"I am hearing a lot from Vanderbilt, UAB, and South Carolina."

I understand that a new school has recently entered the picture in your recruiting?
"Yes sir, Georgia Tech has been sending me mail and texts the past week or so. They are a school I am interested in too."

Have you been to any Junior Days or plan to go to any?
"No sir not really as I have been mostly working out and staying ahead on school work."

How about spring practices or combines, have you been invited to any to date?
"Not really. I've heard that I can attend practices of schools that really interest me but I'm not sure if I will be able to get away to attend any spring practices. I do know that I will be attending a Nike combine that will be held close to my home."

I know it is early in your recruiting process but what are you looking for in a school when deciding time comes around?
"I want to be a mechanical engineer so that school will have to have that major as my degree is the most important thing to me. The next thing on my list would be the atmosphere around the school. Are the people friendly and are there things to do that are outside of class and football. Those are the two things that will decide where I go to school."

Do you have a time table for when you feel you will make a decision on your school?
"I think my decision will come after my senior season is over as I would like to use it as a recruiting tool too."

Speaking of your senior year, how does it shape up?
"We look to be a very good team. I've been told that I am one of the players that the team will be looking up to for leadership too. Having that role plus being my last year, I want to go out with the best season possible. We will have to be ready when the time comes though."

Dale's Take:

Darius is a very soft spoken young man. You could tell that this was one of the first interviews he has done. Still, he knows what he wants out of college and that is his degree. He mentioned that several times during our talk. He says that while football is great, he knows how valuable his education is after football is over. However, he knows that football is something that will provide that education and will excel at both. Top Stories