Rice "All Defense and Hustle"

Glen Rice Jr. has seen his playing time increase as Georgia Tech has gone deeper into their schedule. His attention to defense has gotten him those extra minutes.

Glen Rice Jr. – Hoops Profile

What happened between you and Jon Scheyer in the Duke game?
"I lost control for a second. He caught me with a "bow" and I reacted to that. I apologized to him after the game and said it was in the heat of the game. He understood."

You guys were going at it pretty good?
"It was kind of difficult to not let him bring the ball up the court. We were trying to keep the ball out of his hands so someone else would have to bring the ball up the court."

Are you happy with the way things are going for you?
"I'm happy that Coach (Paul Hewitt) trusts me more. It's different getting used to that. I practice hard every day."

Coach Hewitt said your defense has gotten better?
"I'm trying to go out there and hustle and just do whatever he asks. I follow the specific goal he sets for me for each game."

How difficult has it been coming from high school where you were counted on for your offense and now you play for Coach Hewitt where defense is number one?
"It was difficult in the beginning but now I'm all defense and hustle. I'm channeling all my energy to play defense."

Is it easier to play that type of defense when you're playing fifteen or twenty minutes as opposed to the thirty or forty you played in high school?
"It's a lot easier. Not having to score all the time takes a lot of pressure off and you have more energy."

Is the ACC what you thought it would be?
"It's a little more fast-paced than I thought it would be. It's a little more physical. Overall the coaches explained to us the differences but figuring it out for yourselves is a little different."

Has your dad gotten to see you play this year?
"He's only been to one home game and he was at the tournament games in Puerto Rico."

Does he talk to you about your game?
"We talk about other stuff besides basketball. He also tries to help me with my game. Basically he's telling me to keep good balance on my shot. He just tells me to shoot when I'm open."

How was it mentally as a freshman to handle the physicality of the college game?
"It was difficult because they're more physical here in the ACC than in high school. I think I'm getting used to it now. There's a lot of stuff going on that the refs don't see. You get used to it and then you pick up things that other people do."

How was it listening to Coach Hewitt challenging the team after the last game?
"It's different because you have to learn not to take things personally. Coach Hewitt is just trying to help us as a team so everything goes right. It was a little difficult to adjust to that but as the season progressed it's gotten easier."

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