Derrick Mitchell - I was Impressed

Jacksonville, Florida First Coast High School defensive lineman Derrick Mitchell recently traveled to Atlanta for Georgia Tech's Junior Day. The trip opened Derrick's eyes about Tech.

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How did your visit to Georgia Tech's Junior Day go?

"It was real nice. I really liked it a lot. We got a chance to tour the campus and see all the buildings. I got a chance to see the equipment room and weight rooms and see all the facilities for the athletes. I had a chance to talk with Coach (Paul) Johnson and the rest of the staff. I spoke with Coach (Al) Groh on a personal basis for about five minutes too as he talked about the defense he is putting in at Tech. I liked talking with the current players too. They talked about what Tech is behind the scenes and I really liked what they had to say. It was a very positive trip, one that I really liked."

What did you like the best about the trip?

"To be honest I liked going through and talking with the technology personnel and learning more about what Tech has to offer from the technology stand point. I was impressed with what they have to offer."

Have you heard the recent news from Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I heard they hired a new defensive coach from North Carolina State. That is another plus for them too."

What other Junior Days do you have planned?

"Right now I am leaning towards going to Clemson on the 20th. If I don't go to Clemson, then I will take in the one at Florida State."

Any spring practices set up?

"None at this point but I might set something up later to some teams that are close by."

Right now how many offers do you have?

"I picked up the one from Georgia Tech in addition to the ones from Florida State, Florida International, South Carolina, North Carolina, Clemson, Illinois, and Alabama."

Do you have any leaders at this point in your recruiting process?

"No sir I don't. I am still weighing all my options at this point and gathering information as I go along."

How about the off season, what are you doing to stay in shape?

"On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I go to my school for weight lifting to keep and add strength for the season. I also do some footwork drills to improve my mobility and footwork as a defensive lineman. I am being moved from tackle to defensive end and I really want to work on bettering my footwork. I also go to a place called The Hit Center in Jacksonville to do workouts too. I see a lot of the Jacksonville Jaguars there when I go."

Have you set up any combines to go to this year?

"I know I will make the Scout combine later this year but as of now I haven't set up anything."

Dale's Take:

Derrick came across as really enjoying his visit to Georgia tech. He mentioned on a couple occasions that the campus was much different from what he thought it would be and really liked the way it was set up. He thought it would be very different from what the campus was like at FSU but once he was at Tech he liked what he saw. This trip has pushed Tech up in Derrick's eyes. Top Stories