Calvin Caldwell - His Early Favorites

Calvin Caldwell is a versatile defensive back from JL Mann High School in South Carolina. Calvin can play both cornerback and safety positions. The JL Mann defensive back is looking for his first offer.

Calvin Caldwell - Profile

What high school do you play for and what position do you play?

"I play for JL Mann High School and I can play either cornerback or safety for my team."

What are your current measurables?

"I am 5' 10" and weigh 180 pounds. I have turned in a 4.6 forty time."

What schools are you hearing from the most?

"Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Duke, and Vanderbilt are the ones I am hearing from the most right now. I am hearing a little from LSU, Georgia, and North Carolina."

Would you have a leader right now?

"No sir, not at this point. I like to say I am open to all schools right now."

How about some early favorites, would any be on that list? "Yes sir you can say that I have some schools that I would consider as some favorites. Georgia Tech, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Northwestern would be some favorites out of the schools I have heard from. One school I haven't heard from is Wake Forest but I do like them too so you can add them into the group."

Have any coaches been by to see you?

"Yes sir Coach Spencer from Georgia Tech came by my high school and talked with my coach and me. I like him a lot as he is a very funny guy. Out of the blue he made a compliment on what I was wearing and we both got a laugh out of that."

Have you set up any Junior Day visits?

"Yes sir I will be going to the one at South Carolina on the 20th of this month. That is the only one I have set up at this time."

How about some spring practice, any set up?

"I might go up to the ones at Duke, I'm not real sure but it is a possibility. The practices I have been to so far were the bowl practices at Northwestern and South Carolina. One thing though, I have had a lot of coaches tell me that they will be coming to my spring practices to watch me in person."

How about offers, do you have any to date?

"No sir, none so far. I am waiting on that first offer. I feel from what coaches have been telling me that some offers should be coming soon."

What are you doing in the off season to stay in shape?

"I am going to a place called Living Inside Out and working out there. I am getting some personal one on one training that is really beneficial to me becoming a more complete and better player. JT Floyd who went to Michigan is just one of the many athletes that have used the center in the past."

Have you set up any dates to make combines this spring?

"I know I will take in the Scout combine later this spring but I think I will mostly concentrate in hitting the camps at colleges so I can get better looks from the coaches at the schools recruiting me."

Dale's Take:

Calvin is a very good interview. You can tell he has good parental support and really has his priorities set up correctly. He volunteered his academic credential while we were talking as he felt they were as important as what is going on from his athletic side of the recruiting. Calvin carries a 3.7 GPA and has scored a 1030 on the two part SAT test. He will be taking it again as he wants to shoot for the 1200-1300 range before he heads off to college. You have to like a young man that is working hard to improve both sides of the equation when it comes to recruiting. Top Stories