Josh King - Two Early Leaders

Jonesboro, Georgia (Mt. Zion High) defensive back Josh King recently took the first of several Junior Day visits on his schedule. Josh traveled to Athens to visit Georgia and will also be visiting Alabama and Georgia Tech for their Junior Days.

Joshua King – Profile

Josh, what are your current measurables?
"I am currently 5'10" and weigh 176 pounds and have been timed at 4.49 in the forty."

What position do you play on Mt. Zion?
As a junior I started off as a cornerback but our free safety got hurt so coach moved me there. It looks like I will remain a free safety for my senior year."

Do you have any offers to date?
No sir I don't have any but I will be hitting some visits and I also just made a Junior Day visit to Georgia, so I am hoping offers will start coming in as the coaches get a chance to evaluate me and see what I can do from my highlight film."

How was your visit Georgia?
"It was nice. They showed us the campus and all the facilities. They talked about how they had the best facilities in the country and all. I got a chance to talk with the coaches and talked with Coach (Mark) Richt some before I left. I enjoyed my time there."

Do you have any other visits lined up?
"Yes sir I do as I will visit Alabama on the 20th of this month and then go to Georgia Tech on April 20th for a visit."

How about spring practices, any invites to come watch teams practice?
"Yes sir both Georgia Tech and Georgia have asked me to come watch them practice. I should be able to take in both but I know I can make Georgia Tech as they are right up the road."

What schools are recruiting you right now?
"The ones that I am hearing from the most are Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Tennessee."

Do you have a top list of schools?
"I have two that I like very much. Vanderbilt is probably my first choice right now but Georgia Tech is very close as I have developed a great relationship with Coach Buzz Preston at Tech. We get along really well."

Who are the main guys recruiting you from these schools?
"At Vanderbilt Coach Kitchens is my recruiting coach. Coach Buzz is my recruiting coach at Georgia Tech. At Georgia Coach Garner is my recruiting coach. Since Tennessee has a new staff I will contact them and see who they will assign to my area to be my recruiting coach. I haven't heard from them in a little while so I need to find out."

Have you set up any combines to visit?
"I am going to two combines that I know of right now. On March 13th I will be at the Nike combine and on May 22nd, in Alabama, I will be at another Nike combine too."

What are you looking for in a school?
"I want a good, stable coaching staff. A school that has good facilities is something I will be looking for too. The academics there have to be top notch too as I want a good education to carry me through life. Also from the coaches, I want ones that will make me a more complete person, ones who will coach me up to be the best football player I can and ones who will make sure I stay on top of my academics. Finally I'd love to be around a great fan base."

Are you going to camps this summer?
"Yes sir. I know I will be going to camps at Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and Georgia. South Carolina has sent me mail talking about coming to one of their camps too." Is location an important factor for you?
"Yes sir it is. I want to be close to home so my dad can come see me play football. I'd rather be close to home and not too far away."

What about when it comes down to deciding on your school, will you be an earlier decision-maker or one who uses the senior year to help you in your recruitment?
"I will probably wait until my senior year is over. I don't want to be one to make a decision and then a great school that I like a lot offers. I will keep my doors open until it is time to make that decision."

Have you given it much thought as to what you want to major in when you get to college?
"I know I want to do something in marketing or business management. I am taking some marketing classes in high school and I am very good at it and enjoy it a lot. I feel that is the way I will go once I get to college.'

How about off-season conditioning, what are you doing to stay in shape for football season?
"I love running track so I am on the track team. I run the 100, 200 and all the relays for our track team. I also work out on the side too so that I will be ready and in condition when fall practice starts."

Dale's Take:

Josh is one of those recruits who loves the recruiting process. He was eager to talk about what was going on and had his answers ready to go when asked. Right now it is a two team battle between Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech but I think Coach Preston might be the wild card in this race as Josh really likes him and has formed a really good bond with him already. Top Stories