Uzomah Busy With Visits

North Gwinnett star quarterback is making the rounds in order to find the right school.

C.J. Uzomah - Profile

C.J. Uzomah didn't exactly need to participate in the Showcase as he barely needs any attention. He's not short on offers and he certainly stands out in a crowd. Standing at 6'5" and 210 pounds, Uzomah is being hotly pursued by many schools around the southeast. While he was at's combine, he talked about where he has already visited and everything else regarding his recruiting.

He recently made Junior Day visits to Auburn and Georgia. He shared that he had a good time at each.

Auburn: "I liked it. I got to talk to Coach [Gus] Malzahn and Coach [Gene] Chizik. I like the coaching staff there, their atmosphere, their people. They want me to join their program and I believe it. My high school kind of runs a similar offense. I really liked it there and I had a lot of fun."

Georgia: "Same thing with them. It was a little different because it was rainy and I brought some of my teammates up with me. We didn't get as much attention because there were a lot more people there. But, I got to talk to Coach [Mark] Richt, Coach [Stacy] Searles, and Coach [Mike] Bobo. They're hometown so they come by often and I know them pretty well. But the visit was also a lot of fun."

As for what is to come, C.J. says he will be going to Clemson on February 20th, Vanderbilt on March 27th, and Northwestern and Florida on spring break.

Earlier in his recruitment, many thought Uzomah was being recruited as an athlete but now he says it's pretty much as a quarterback by everybody. "Some are still saying 'athlete' and we'll see when you get here," he says, "but I think like three-fourths of the schools are saying quarterback now." He says he prefers quarterback because of his comfort playing the position.

Georgia Tech is another school that has been looking at Uzomah and he has visited the Yellow Jackets already in the past. He will likely visit them again in the future.

"We're actually just going to go down one day. My dad actually works there, in Atlanta. So, he said one day we're just going to take a trip over [to Tech]. Not like a Junior Day, because we're starting to get busy at school and everything. But, I'm talking with the coaches and I hope I can get over there, like an early week in March just to meet with the staff and see the campus."

The thought of quarterbacking Georgia Tech's offense is definitely a different thought for Uzomah. "It is different," he said. "You know, Josh Nesbitt, man he's a hoss and can take some hits. It's something else running that kind of offense. It has to be perfect. The pitch, everybody's position, everybody's job is important and vital in that offense. It is different, but it works." C.J. says the fact that Georgia Tech runs the triple-option won't really scare him away, either. "I think I'll give them a look just as much as anybody else. They have a habit of winning games and they do put people in the [NFL]. The academic standards there are higher than anybody else's probably, one of the highest in the nation. So I'm still going to give them a look."

Uzomah has no favorites list as of now, but he likely will before the summer. He wants to visit more schools and plans to do a lot of visiting this offseason. He wants to be solid in his decision and he will be looking for some certain things as he is making these upcoming visits.

"I like having a good relationship with the coaches, but you know coaches can leave. So, I think it's more or less the people that are there, the atmosphere. Coach Chizik told me at Auburn that they don't want their players to wake up every day and feel like it's a drag to be there and dread it for the next four years. So, that will probably be one of the most important things." Top Stories