Grant Planning Return Trip to GT

Doran Grant, Class of 2011, is an outstanding cornerback at Akron, Ohio's St Vincent & Mary, the same school that produced LeBron James. While Grant also plays basketball, his future lies in his considerable football skills.

Doran Grant – Profile

Grant has been flooded with offers but has been able to keep up with all those that have offered him. To date, Doran has received nineteen offers.

While he's gotten offers from schools like Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Penn State, USC, and Stanford, he's also getting attention from some schools in the south. "Down south I've also gotten quite a few…Georgia, Louisiana State, and North Carolina."

Grant also got an offer from another southern school that was special to him. He received his first offer from Georgia Tech last summer while attending their camp with other junior recruits from Ohio.

Doran enjoyed his trip to Atlanta and plans on making a return visit. "I enjoyed it a lot", he said. "The campus being near downtown, the weather was great, and the atmosphere was really special."

When Grant returns to Atlanta in April, he'll watch some of Tech's spring football practices and he'll get to spend some time with his lead recruiter Charles Kelly and the rest of the Georgia Tech staff.

Grant feels it's too early in the process to name a leader. For now, he's taking it all in and will probably make his college decision at the end of the summer. Grant won't be making the decision alone. He'll be getting help from his mom and dad and his big brother; who is like a mentor to him.

Doran has grown some since last season. He is now 5'10 ½ -177. He currently holds a solid 3.0 GPA in the classroom. Top Stories