Quartterrio Morgan Names Early Leader

Mt. Zion, (Georgia) running back Quartterrio Morgan values his education and one particular school has the major that he is looking for in college. The 5'10" – 180 athlete talked about the early leader for his services.

Quartterrio Morgan began his recruitment and Junior Day visits with a trip to Athens for the Junior Day at Georgia. "It was an okay visit", said Morgan. "I got a chance to see some things there." Morgan left Athens without an offer.

Morgan received his first offer from Georgia Tech and considers them to be his leader at this time. "I like Georgia Tech a lot and they are my leader right now", said Morgan." They're my leader but not just because they have offered." Quartterrio wants to major in architecture and the fact that they have a good architecture school puts them at the top in his mind.

Morgan has been keeping in touch with the Jackets wide receiver coach and his lead recruiter Buzz Preston. Preston has been providing Morgan with a lot of information. "He has sent me literature on both the architecture school and the school as a whole and has talked to me about how valuable a Tech degree is."

Quartterrio knows the value of a Tech degree. He also knows that being a running back at Georgia Tech is another plus in addition to the value of the degree. "I know that one in six grads go on to be millionaires and that is very good." Morgan is already qualified to start college.

Tech is not the only school that is recruiting Morgan hard. Auburn, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia have also been paying him a lot of attention. Morgan has plans to visit two of those schools. He'll be taking visits to watch both Georgia Tech and Auburn practice in the spring.

There are two main factors that will determine the school that Quartterrio selects. "Education first and playing time is the two things I am looking for in a school." While distance may be a factor in his selection, he feels he can get around that if necessary.

Morgan doesn't appear close to making a decision even though Tech is a clear cut leader. He wants to make all five of his official visits before he reaches that decision. It was easy to see that a strong education will be the main criteria in making his choice.

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