Erique Florence - Piling Up the Early Offers

Erique Florence, Valley (AL) High School is a standout defensive back highly prized by a number of schools. He currently is ranked as the number three cornerback by

Erique Florence - Profile

As a highly ranked defensive back, it's only natural that Erique is piling up the early offers. "I currently have about twelve offers." Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Louisiana State and Stanford are some of the schools that have offered Florence.

Florence hasn't had much chance to visit any of those schools with the exception of Auburn. He's been to a few of their games this past season on unofficial visits as he doesn't live far from the campus. Florence has talked to Georgia Tech Coach Charles Kelly but hasn't set a date yet to visit. "I'll be there at some point."

Early playing time is important to many recruits but it's not so much to Erique. He feels that will come with time. The location of the school or staying close to home will not be an important factor for Florence in making his decision. He plans on making a February decision.

The 6'2"-181 defensive back is staying in shape both on the field and in the classroom. He currently has a 3.75 GPA. Florence has just completed his basketball season with Valley's elimination from the Alabama state tournament. He's been asked to consider moving on to track. "I was number one in many of the speed events, but after football and basketball, I think I'll just rest." Top Stories