Vad Lee - Recruiting is Taking Off

Durham Hillside, (North Carolina) athlete Vad Lee has been on the Junior Day circuit the past three weeks. The 6'3" – 210 junior has visited Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State.

Vad Lee - Profile

Lee is an athlete that has performed at both quarterback and at receiver for Hillside. He's also spent some time at the safety position. "As a sophomore I played wide receiver and had over 1,100 yards receiving", said Lee. " My junior year I was moved to quarterback and I had a good year." His coach likes being able to take advantage of his versatility.

The recruitment of Vad Lee had just recently begun to take off. "Over the past three weeks it has been really heating up for me", said Lee. "It has been going great to be honest." Besides taking the three Junior Day visits, Lee also received an offer from Georgia Tech last Wednesday.

Two Saturday's ago Lee made the short trip to Chapel Hill to visit North Carolina. "I feel that North Carolina was the best of the three but to be honest they were all very good. This past weekend he was at Duke on Saturday and North Carolina State on Sunday. He had a chance to meet coaches, players, and to see the campus of each of the schools. "I learned a lot from each visit."

Georgia Tech began taking a look at Lee after receiving a highlight tape. Coach Todd Spencer started recruiting him after seeing the tape. Vad received a call last week from Coach Spencer and then Coach Paul Johnson got on the phone and offered him a scholarship. "Coach Johnson said they liked my film so much that they wanted to offer me right away."

The four schools recruiting Lee run different style offenses. Lee feels that if he likes the school the offense they run won't make a difference. "I can run any offense out there", said Lee. "I know I would like to pass some and it would be different being under center every snap but I feel I could come in and run the triple option Georgia Tech runs." Lee feels he would also be comfortable running the spread option shotgun offense that a lot of teams are running now.

It's still early in the process and Lee has yet to name a favorite. He wants to keep his options open. "I want to keep all my doors open at this point." As the weeks roll by good news continues to come for Lee.

As Vad goes about making his choice he'll be looking at three things. He wants a college with a strong coaching staff, a school with a family atmosphere, and he'll be looking for a fair chance to play early. "Just give me a shot to show what I can do to get early playing time." Vad wants to make sure he makes a sound decision so it's likely that his decision won't be coming much before signing day. Top Stories