Josh King - Does Georgia Tech Still Lead?

Mt. Zion defensive back Josh King took a recent visit to Alabama that opened his eyes about the Alabama program. Was the visit enough to make them his new leader?

Josh King - Profile

"It was great", said King. "I really had a great time there." King had a chance to tour the school and see all the facilities on his visit. "The facilities there are great", said King. "They are much better than Georgia's facilities to me."

The Alabama coaches showed King around the school and took him to talk with the academic people. Josh got a chance to talk with all the coaches. He and associate head coach Burton Burns got to know one another better. Burns will be King's recruiting coach. "I know one thing; they take their football serious at Alabama."

King will continue to visit schools with Vanderbilt being his next destination. He'll make that trip on March 27 unless things change. Following the trip to Nashville, Josh plans a return visit to Georgia Tech. "When I talked to Coach 'Buzz' Preston, he wanted me to come in for spring practice and a visit on April 17th." Southern Mississippi had requested a visit but Josh feels that it's too far away for him and won't likely make the visit.

Taking trips this spring won't be the only thing occupying King's time. He'll be working out with the Mt. Zion football team twice a week. They'll be lifting and doing some conditioning drills. The other three school days he'll be with the track team.

Did the Alabama visit put them ahead of Georgia Tech? While King enjoyed his visit to Tuscaloosa, he still has Tech as his leader. "My top three are Georgia Tech, Alabama, and Vanderbilt." King said the coaches were great to him on his trip to Alabama but even with that Georgia Tech is still his leader by a wide margin. Top Stories