Iman and Moe Set the Pace

Georgia Tech rebounded from a tough road game loss to Maryland to defeat Boston College 73-68 and even their ACC conference record at 7-7. Iman Shumpert and Mo Miller led the way for the Jackets.

Coach Paul Hewitt has been after Iman to be more aggressive at the offensive end of the court and he took that advice to heart Saturday leading the Jackets with 24 points. "I've always been taught to make the right play", said Iman. "If a guy's open I look for him rather than shooting." Shumpert admits that there are times when he should be shooting rather than passing the ball. "I have a hard time doing that sometimes."

The Jackets used both Miller and Shumpert on the court together and it gave Tech an extra ball handler and took the pressure off both players. Both players did a good job of pushing the ball and picking up the slow tempo that Boston College wanted to dictate. "We just tried to speed it up", said Miller. "Boston College is one of those teams that just slows the pace down so we just tried to play the way we want."

When Miller and Shumpert are on the court together, the ball moves with a high intensity. "It's a beautiful feeling playing with someone who takes a lot of pressure off you", said Shumpert. "They pulled off the press because we were in there at the same time." Iman also likes the idea of the two of them out there together. "He's the one with the experience", said Shumpert. "When he's out there is gives me a chance to settle down." When both are out there, the team can get a different look from the wing.

One of the highlights of the game was his put back after slashing down the lane to follow up a missed shot. The play brought the crowd to their feet. Shumpert learned that skill in high school. Although he was a point guard, he was taught to go to the glass as one of the taller players on the team. "I kept seeing them double down on Gani so I had a free lane to the basket."

While Iman has been a starter all season, Mo Miller has had to work hard to see his minutes increase. That hard work has begun to pay off over a stretch of the last three or four games. He's done the small things to help the team and it hasn't gone unnoticed. "That's the difference between going to the NCAA and the NIT", said Miller. "I just try to do the small things like getting the tie ups or taking the charge to spark the team."

Mo continues to do whatever it takes to get out and to see his minutes increase. "It's all about being ready and staying prepared." He continues to do the little things and is becoming a bigger part of the team as they continue down the stretch.

The team travels to Clemson Tuesday for an important away game as they try to end their road woes. "I'm thinking about them now but honestly before then that wasn't even on my mind", said Miller. "Every game is so important and crucial." Iman and Mo are both now focused on Clemson as they travel to a place they consider to be one of the toughest in the ACC. Look for both to set the tempo and the pace of the game as they try to close out the regular season on a high note. Top Stories