Brian Randolph - Keeping His Schedule Open

Kell High School safety Brian Randolph visited Knoxville this weekend for Tennessee's Junior Day. The 5'11 ½" -185 defensive back returned with two teams at the top of his list and a third close behind.

Brian Randolph - Profile

The highly recruited junior's trip to Knoxville was his second Junior Day visit. He had previously been to Georgia in February. Both schools are recruiting Brian as a safety. Looking ahead Brian hasn't made any plans for future visits. "I want to keep my schedule open so I can go to any place that I feel I want to visit." Randolph doesn't want to tie himself down with scheduled visits right now.

Randolph has two schools that are recruiting him hard right now. "It seems that Tennessee and Florida are really recruiting me hard at this point", said Randolph.

One of the in-state schools is also recruiting Randolph hard. "Georgia Tech is recruiting me hard too." Randolph has been talking with both Coach Brian Bohannon and Charles Kelly at Tech. "They both tell me that they want me to be a part of the Georgia Tech football team." Brian gets along well with both coaches. "They make me feel very wanted.

With many schools to choose from, Randolph mentions five that would be at the top of his list. "Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Florida, North Carolina State, and Georgia would be my top five right now."

Brian has a list of criteria that he'll follow in choosing a school. Being close to home for his family and friends to see him play is one of the main things he's looking for in a school. He's also looking for a school that has a strong football program and one that is strong academically. "One thing that is important to me is getting along with my position coach and the rest of the staff."

Brian has plans to make an early decision in selecting the school that meets those criteria. "I know I want to have a decision made by the time football season starts in August." Brian doesn't want to rush into it but he does want to have it done before the season starts. Because of that, August seems the likely time to make his decision.

One of the main reasons Brian hasn't taken more visits recently is his participation in Kell's track program. That is taking up most of his time right now. "I'm running both the 100 and 200 sprint events this spring."

While he has five schools at the top of his list, it looks like Georgia Tech, Tennessee, and Florida hold the lead right now. Brian will be making trips to all these schools before he makes his decision to get to know the coaches better and to get to know the schools better. Top Stories