Jared Boyd - Learning Patience

Cornerback Jared Boyd has been pulling in new offers over the last month, including one from the school who was his favorite a month ago.

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The last time GoJackets.com checked in with Jared Boyd, the standout cornerback from Stephenson High School was frustrated that he hadn't received his first offer yet. He was learning patience. It seems the patience is starting to pay off as Boyd has received seven scholarship offers over the last month from Central Florida, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt.

On Friday March 12th, Boyd and teammate Tarik Cook were on Georgia Tech's campus for a visit. That's when the offer came for him. Boyd explained in depth about the visit:

"We went for a visit on Friday. That's when the offer came, Coach Speed (GT linebackers coach and Jared's recruiting coach) verbally offered. Coach Paul Johnson was out of town at the time. They said that they needed to sit down with Coach Johnson and get the papers in the mail. Those should arrive pretty soon. The visit was good; I've been to Tech five times already, so it was mainly for Tarik to see everything. And we saw everything, too. I had been telling him, 'Wait til you see Georgia Tech! He really liked it."

Boyd and his teammates at Stephenson will be taking a trip this weekend to visit Vanderbilt, Middle Tennessee State, and UT-Chattanooga. On spring break, Boyd will be going to Miami to visit the Hurricanes. He says he will also be going to a school on the 27th although he hasn't decided which one yet, and he also wants to be back at Georgia Tech for a spring practice in a few weeks.

Georgia Tech, who seemed to be his firm leader early on, has now offered him along with other schools. What does that do for Boyd in his mind? Is he close to commitment? Does he still have Tech as his leader?

"Well now that I've started getting some offers, it's more even now," he said. "Tech will always have my heart. I love Tech. I just don't have a leader right now; I really don't even have a top list."

Boyd also doesn't have a timetable right now. He said he could see himself making a decision later in the summer or maybe even wait it out all the way like his teammate Mike Thornton did last year.

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