Mack Crowder - Mack Truck

Tennessee High School (Bristol, TN) offensive lineman Mack Crowder is starting to get a lot of interest from schools around the south. The 6'4"-270 center currently has offers from five schools and is getting strong interest from others.

Mack Crowder - Profile

The Bristol center is being recruited as a center but will also be playing defensive tackle this coming season. "I have offers from Duke, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech." Crowder does not have a favorite out of that group at this time. "This is a big decision for me and I want to make sure that the decision I do make is the right one." Crowder has plans to take more than one visit to each school to get a better feel about each one.

Mack doesn't feel that any one school is recruiting any harder than the other. "I feel that all five schools that have offered are recruiting me about the same and also Marshall and Maryland are recruiting me very hard." Crowder will make plans to visit both Marshall and Maryland to see what they are like.

Crowder has already visited each of the schools that have offered. "I have seen what they are like and what they have to offer students." Crowder hopes to visit some of the schools this spring. He'll sit down with his dad to see when they can take the visits. "All of the five schools are pretty close; the one that is the longest trip is only about 5 hours, so when we have a weekend free we can just go."

The most important factor in choosing a school for Crowder will be the business school. "I plan on majoring in Business Management and I want a good business school." Crowder is also looking for a good environment and he'll be looking at how well he gets along with the coaches and players. "Campus setting isn't that big of a deal," said Crowder. "I mean small town campuses have their pluses as do campuses in big towns."

Crowder has been talking to Todd Spencer at Georgia Tech. He's both his recruiting coach and position coach. "I really like him a lot," said Crowder. "He's a great guy to talk with."

Crowder is hoping he'll be able to make a decision before his senior year. "I still have a lot of time between now then to make visits and get the information I need to make this important decision." Crowder has plans to attend some summer camps to get a good feel of how the coaches are and to see the schools to help him make that decision.

Mack has been staying in shape during the off-season be doing weight training and conditioning. "In the past I use to participate in basketball, track, and wrestle to stay in shape but here lately I've cut all that out to concentrate solely on football." His training must be paying off as his teammates call him "Mack Truck". Top Stories