Elijah Maxey - It Was Great

Elijah Maxey,a two way player from William Raines (FL) traveled to Atlanta this past week to attend the MVP Camp and also to attend practices at Georgia Tech on Friday and Saturday. The two-way athlete came away impressed.

Elijah Maxey - Profile

Maxey was impressed with the way the coaches ran the practice and how seriously the players took the practice. "Oh man it was great," said Maxey. "I had a really great time at practice talking with the coaches and players." Maxey had a chance to talk to Coaches Paul Johnson, Charles Kelly and Lamar Owens.

"Oh man it was great I had a really good time during the practice and talking with the coaches and players. I liked how the coaches ran the practice and how seriously the players took the practice too."

Coach Johnson liked Maxey enough to ask for his transcripts. He wants me to get cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse so he can extend me an offer." Coach Johnson also asked Maxey for film.

"Coach Kelly was saying that with my speed and the fact that I am 6' 1" and weigh around 210 pounds that I would be the perfect safety in his defensive backfield." A Backs Coach Owens was quick to let Coach Kelly that he wants Maxey on the offensive side of the ball. "It sure was nice to be wanted by two coaches on the same team." Maxey likes that the coaches get along and are willing to do what is best for the team.

Maxey felt the visit was a nine on a scale of 1-10. "I didn't get a chance to see and do everything I wanted but of what I did get to see and do it was great" Maxey had plans to spend the night and probably hang out with some of the players. "I really liked talking with them about what it was like to be a student-athlete at Georgia Tech." Maxey especially liked hearing about the assistance the athletes get in obtaining their degree.

Following his trip to Tech, Maxey will be going to Duke and Illinois. Both schools have offered and he wants to compare them to Tech. "I might be going to Miami too, but I'm not real sure about it." Maxey also has plans to return to Georgia Tech.

The trip to Atlanta made Georgia Tech his leader. "Yes sir they are and by a big margin too; just being up here, I love it so much."

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