Georgia Tech Impresses Norton

Top center prospect Ryan Norton spent a day over his spring break visiting a Georgia Tech and seemed to have a good time.

Ryan Norton - Profile

This past Saturday (April 3rd), Ryan Norton of Mauldin HS in South Carolina headed to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. He was on spring break and was able to watch Wednesday's Clemson practice before visiting Tech a few days later. Ryan noted that the Clemson trip was pretty good and that he was able to talk to the Tigers' coaches for a little bit.

Saturday's trip to Georgia Tech was a little different than Ryan expected it to be. Aspects of the team and how they practice stood out to him. "Well, I got there and I watched them practice. Their practice was very intense," he said. "It was a non-stop practice and that was pretty unique from what I've seen. I then was able to take a campus tour after talking with Coach (Paul) Johnson. He was telling me the need they have at the center position and how I'd fit in with the offense."

As Coach Johnson thinks Ryan is a perfect fit for his offense, Ryan thinks it might be fun to play in Coach Johnson's scheme. "I think it'd be pretty fun to play in that offense. You get down and dirty and get to bust someone in their mouth. I like that," he said.

The campus itself took Ryan by surprised as it definitely wasn't how he thought it would feel. "I was expecting a big city feel, but that wasn't the case," he said. "It was definitely a college campus feel, like a college campus tucked away in a big city. It was nice."

Norton is currently holding six offers from Clemson, Georgia Tech, East Carolina, Vanderbilt, Illinois, and South Carolina. The other schools showing some strong interest in the big time center are North Carolina, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, and Stanford. Norton has no upcoming visits in place. However, he says he'll try and head over to South Carolina sometime soon. Almost every school is looking at Ryan to play center - although he did say South Carolina said they can also see him playing guard.

Recently, Ryan named a top three of Clemson, South Carolina, and Georgia Tech in that order. However, things have changed after his trip to Georgia Tech. He now has no leader and no order, but he still has his same top three. "Georgia Tech, Clemson, and South Carolina. That's in no order," Norton said.

A decision could be on the horizon for Norton as he's been able to get a feel for quite a few schools already, especially his top schools. "I may announce after my spring game, but that's at the earliest," he said. "I'll definitely be done before my senior season begins." Top Stories