Matt Hill - A Great Place to Go

Cherokee County (AL) High School is the defending 4A state champion. Their leader on defense is all-state nose guard Matt Hill. The 6'2"-278 nose guard made a name for himself this past Friday with his performance at the MVP Camp held at Georgia Tech.

Matt Hill - Profile

Hill was singled out as one of the top defensive performers at the camp. Look for schools to begin paying more attention to him following this camp. Initially he's been hearing from Clemson and Tennessee. "I got invited to Clemson's spring game and I'll probably go up there."

Hill is beginning to make plans for the summer. Alabama and Auburn's summer camps are two that he'll be attending. Clemson is another possible destination this summer.

With the evaluation period starting this month, Hill has talked to his coach about possible schools coming by to visit. "Tennessee and Middle Tennessee have sent some letters saying they're going to come by."

With Coach Al Groh moving to Georgia Tech and installing the 3-4 they may be another school of interest for Hill. "That would be a great place to go."

Hill has a few factors that he'll be looking at in choosing a school. "Academics are a big thing." He's looking for a school with good academic support. He's interested in his grades first and foremost. Location will not be a factor for Hill in choosing a school.

Hill has not set a timetable for making his decision. "I really don't know yet," said Hill. "I'll probably wait and see everything that I can get first and then decide ." Top Stories