A.J. Johnson Visits GT & Auburn

Gainesville linebacker A.J. Johnson has been busy recently taking visits. Last week he visited Georgia Tech and on Thursday he made the trip down to Auburn.

A.J. Johnson made the short trip to Atlanta last week to watch Georgia Tech practice. "I got a chance to see their new defense and how Coach (Al) Groh is installing the new defense." Groh also doubles as Johnson's recruiting coach. ‘I liked what I saw," said Johnson. "I've been to Georgia Tech a lot and I have bonded with all the coaches; even the newer ones."

The other visit that Johnson made was to Auburn. ‘I have only been to Auburn one other time so I wanted to get over there and check them out." Johnson had a chance to see everything that he wanted to see about the school and had a chance to talk to the coaches. "I liked it a lot."

Johnson felt that Auburn may have had better facilities but that plans to upgrade at Tech were a plus for them. Johnson liked the fact that Tech was located in Atlanta and there would always be something to do. "I think a couple more visits can tell me what I need to know."

Alabama, Clemson, Florida, and Tennessee are some of the other schools that are recruiting Johnson. "Clemson seems to be recruiting me the hardest right now." A few new schools have also entered the picture. Miami, North Carolina State, Penn State, and Southern California have begun to recruit Johnson. "I hope to be able to plan some visits to Miami, Penn State, and Southern California this summer." He hasn't made any plans to visit North Carolina State yet.

Thursday's visit to Auburn will be his last for the spring. He has plans to attend summer camp at Alabama and Florida. "I want to take my five official visits and I do know that as of now Clemson, Southern California, and Tennessee are most likely the three schools getting ones." Johnson might also take one to Miami and is not sure of the fifth school or any other school if he doesn't visit Miami.

Johnson feels he'll make his decision sometime between the middle and end of his senior football season. "I committed to Tennessee and then opened my recruitment back up because I made a commitment too soon." If Johnson gets invited to an all-star game he would like to do something at that game. "We'll have to see how it goes."

Johnson has a few factors in mind in selecting a school. "The biggest thing to me is that I want to go to a school that I really feel at home and all the players and students make you feel like you are at home." Johnson wants to major in business so he's looking for a good business school so that his degree would mean something. Playing time is not a big factor. "You have to earn it and not have it handed to you," said Johnson. "That is something I can control so I am not worried about that."

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