Johnny O'Bryant - They Piqued My Interest

Johnny O'Bryant is listed among the top players in the Class of 2011. O'Bryant is the ninth best player overall and the third best power forward. He's the latest in a continuing line of big men from Mississippi, Cleveland's East Side high school.

Johnny O'Bryant - Profile

O'Bryant has an impressive list of offers so far. He's said to have over twenty one thus far. Among those offers are one from Georgia Tech. "I really like Georgia Tech," said Johnny. "They've piqued my interest with their offer."

O'Bryant has yet to follow up on that interest by visiting Tech. "I've only been to Ole Miss and Mississippi State." He'll also be visiting Georgetown next week.

Johnny is looking for a school with a winning program. That would include schools such as Kansas, Kentucky, Memphis, and Texas that are among his offers. None of the schools seem to stand out yet to O'Bryant. "It's a level playing field."

One of the interesting schools that have expressed an interest in O'Bryant is Harvard. "So many players are one and done these days," said O'Bryant. "If I stayed four years, a degree from Harvard would seem to set me up for life."

O'Bryant will have help in making his decision. He'll be getting that help from his family and high school coach. "I'll probably wait until the spring of next year to decide."

Johnny is currently 6'9"-240. He's been adding about five pounds per year. Off the court, he's maintained a 3.2 GPA. Top Stories