Robinson & Burnette Get Tech on Right Footing

Everyone in the Georgia Tech lineup has contributed to the success of this year's baseball team. We talked to a few of the players, following the recent sweep of Clemson, that have contributed to their season record to 31-5 overall and 15-3 in the ACC. Here's the first of a three-part story on a few of those players.

One of the most consistent hitters on the team this year has been Chase Burnette. The left handed hitting right fielder has been near the top of the team's stats in batting average, RBI, and home runs. His walk-off home run Friday night against Clemson was one of the biggest of the season. "I was a little nervous going up there but I'd had some good at-bats," said Burnette. "I was just looking for something that I could drive and he threw something over the middle that I could drive."

Burnette watched the ball go over the fence but wasn't sure if he got it up enough to make it over the fence. When he arrived at home plate, he was mobbed by his teammates. "That's just a great feeling," said Burnette. "It's one of those things you think about as a kid when you're at the park."

Chase was looking for a particular pitch rather than location on that final at-bat. "He threw me two fast balls for balls and then came with a slider for a strike so I figured he was he was going to get another slider by me."

Burnette has been a big part of the team's success thus far this season and Friday night was another example of that. "Chase Burnette, what can I say," said Coach Danny Hall. "That was special right there." "There's not a single part of this team that is weak," said Burnette. "It's a really fun team to play with."

With Kevin Jacob out with a shoulder injury, Andrew Robinson has assumed the closer's role and has done it in magnificent style. Friday night he turned in one of his best performances of the year shutting down Clemson with the bases loaded and only one out to give Chase Burnette the chance to win the game.

Robinson came into the game with Clemson's leading RBI and home run man at the plate. He got the big out by striking out Kyle Parker. "I was looking for a ground ball to get the double play and get out of there but the strike out worked perfect." "We felt like our best chance was to get Parker, their best home run guy to hit into a double play," said Coach Hall. "Robbie pitched him tough and struck him out."

Robinson only threw a few of his sweeping breaking balls but they were coming across good. "I struck out Parker on the fast ball which was good," said Robinson. "I thought that was the perfect pitch in that situation." Robinson felt that Parker was sitting on the off-speed pitch and wasn't looking for the fast ball.

Robinson has been in many situations like Friday night's but he still finds that he has to calm himself down. Robinson has an unusual way of doing that. "I try to joke a little bit because if I get all hyped-up I get wild," said Robinson. "I just try to joke around some with the guys, while I'm warming up, like Cole (Leonida) and Skolie (Matt Skole). Whatever they've done it's worked and Robinson has been a major contributor out of the bullpen. Top Stories