Big Summer Ahead for Byers

Rock Hill, SC defensive end Roderick Byers sits at five offers and hopes more will come this spring and summer.

Roderick Byers - Profile

Roderick Byers says most schools recruiting him like him as a defensive end. "Most schools say I'm an end. I know has me at defensive tackle," he said. "I don't know about that." Byers certainly has a frame at 6'4" and 262 pounds to grow into a defensive tackle, but it seems as he's not being recruited that way right now. He currently holds five offers from South Carolina, Clemson, Wake Forest, Texas Tech, and Maryland. More offers should be coming this evaluation period and summer. Other schools recruiting him pretty hard are Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Michigan, UCLA, Notre Dame, Georgia, NC State, and Florida State among many others.

Byers had originally planned to be at Georgia Tech this past weekend to check out the Yellow Jackets. However, he wasn't able to make the trip. "I didn't get to make it," Byers said. "I wish I had. I talked with the coaches today. Coach Spencer said he's going to get up here during spring practice so they can see me in person. I still plan on getting to Georgia Tech and if I can get there this weekend I will, but we haven't talked about that much."

Currently, the only plans that Byers has set in stone is to be at Clemson on April 26th. "I'll be all over this summer," he says. "I'll probably go to four camps and make six or seven other visits. I'm going to try and be really busy this summer." He used to have a list of schools and even had South Carolina as a leader. Even though the hometown school still likely stands out, Byers says he isn't naming a top list for awhile. "I'm still looking at all the schools that are recruiting me. I did have a list but I want to give everyone a chance. I don't want to miss out on anything."

Byers will use this summer, as he said, to visit more of these schools to get the most information he can. According to him, the earliest he will make a decision is the beginning of his senior season. He could wait all the way until signing day. When it comes to his priorities for what he's looking for in a school, many things matter, but education and location seem to be pretty important. "I want to really get a feel for the coaches and see how they are, get a feel for who they are. How religious are they? That is of high importance to me," Byers said. "Does the school have my major? I am leaning towards some kind of engineering but it could be business though. How far I am away from home doesn't really matter. If the school for me is in California, then that's the way it is. But, it would be nice to be somewhat close for my family to be able to visit me. But, education and location are probably the most important still. I also want to look at each of the teams' schemes and see what their D-lines look like. And, I'd really rather not redshirt, but it could benefit me though. Still playing time is something to consider."

Byers was adamant about getting to other schools this summer, and he should be seeing more offers pile in the next couple months. While it seems South Carolina is the team to beat, they'll have some heavy competition from many suitors to secure a commitment from the Rock Hill star. Top Stories