Airyn Willis - Time to Make The Decision

SW Guilford athlete Airyn Willis made a return trip as planned to Georgia Tech for their T Game. In his last interview he told that he was until he made his five official visits before making a decision. Did that hold up after his visit for Georgia Tech Spring Game?

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Rain and lightning forced the spring game to one half but Willis liked what he saw. "I got a chance to see the game and it was good despite the weather conditions," said Willis. "The players were really after each other and while I was there I went ahead and committed to Georgia Tech."

Willis had originally planned on taking all his visits before making a decision but he had a change of heart. Georgia Tech had been a favorite of his since he was a little kid. "I've always liked them and wanted to go there," said Willis. "I decided to take my spot in the class and make sure that I have a chance to play for them before it was too late."

Willis talked the decision over with his parents and they were happy that he was picking Georgia Tech. "I just felt it was the time to make that decision." Willis made the trip with his dad and grandparent so it made it special for Airyn to let Coach Paul Johnson know that he was committing to Georgia Tech. "I know how the recruiting process works so I felt it was in my best interest to get the process over with and go with the school that fits best and that is Georgia Tech."

One of the factors that made the decision an easy one was the academics at Tech. "I might major in management and that is a good way to go since I would like to be a coach later in life." Willis knows that not everyone makes it to the NFL and that a degree from Georgia Tech would help better than any other school. "The staff at Georgia Tech is great too and that was another reason," said Willis. "I can honestly say that no other staff that was recruiting me showed me as much love as the one at Georgia Tech." That fact helped seal the deal for Willis.

Willis knows about Coach Johnson's no visit policy. "It's going to be tough to tell Coach Mack at East Carolina and Coach Grobe at Wake Forest that I won't be coming there but I will." Airyn felt that East Carolina thought they were going to get a commitment from him. Willis will be in Atlanta through Sunday and will call both coaches on Monday.

Since he's made his commitment, Willis has been enjoying himself in Atlanta. "I hung out with some friends and bought a lot of Georgia Tech stuff," said Willis. "It's been great so far." Airyn is happy to get the process over with and is looking forward to his senior season. He'll now be able to do that without any distractions. "I have a chance to enroll early and I might do that too so that is another reason to get my recruiting finished early." Top Stories