McKinney Visits GT Spring Game

Carver Columbus offensive lineman Quincy McKinney made the trip to Atlanta to take in Georgia Tech's spring game.

Quincy McKinney - Profile

Offensive line standout Quincy McKinney currently holds offers from Georgia Tech, Florida State, North Carolina, Duke, Southern Mississippi, South Carolina, Nebraska, Western Kentucky, Michigan State, Clemson, and Maryland. He doesn't feel that any school in particular is recruiting him better than anyone else, but did mention that he gets the most frequent letters from Duke.

Last Saturday, April 27th, McKinney was able to make it out for Georgia Tech's "T-Day Game." He said it was a good trip overall. "It was cool. Actually, the spring game was rained out and cut short to one half," he said. "I was kind of disappointed because it was my first time to really see that offense in action and I've never been to a game there. But it looked pretty good from what I was able to see."

This wasn't the first time he had ever been to Georgia Tech. This weekend though, McKinney was able to spend some more time at Tech for more than just Saturday. "I stayed the night on Friday and was able to spend a little more time with the players and the coaches, so that was nice," he said. "Coach (Todd) Spencer and I, we had a nice meeting and our relationship got better. He was telling me how they'd use me here at Tech. I really liked the visit." Quincy says he'll probably go back to Georgia Tech again this summer for a visit with his mother.

He was also at Auburn a few weeks ago. "It was really cool. We had a little team visit because we're running some new plays on our team that Auburn does. So our coach took us out there to see how the offensive linemen play in those plays. I got to speak with Coach Rocker for a bit."

As for now, McKinney doesn't have any other visits planned. He's just getting ready for his spring practices. "I do want to try to get down to South Carolina and Southern Miss," he said.

A timetable for Quincy isn't set, but he says he could decide before the end of the summer. He doesn't have a list of favorites either. "All the schools that offer me are in the same boat," he says. Top Stories