Bostic & Perkins Work to Make Their Mark

Collins Hill running back Charles Perkins was the first to commit to Georgia Tech and he was also the first of the three early enrollees to make the decision to enter early, get acclimated to college life and take part in spring practice.

The decision that Perkins made to enter early was not one that he made on his own. "Really my parents put the idea in my head at first," said Collins. "I didn't want to come in early and then my dad told me all the benefits." Collins then made the decision to enter early and took classes to enable him to do so.

Having BJ Bostic and Isaiah Johnson come in with him made the transition a lot easier. "BJ, Isaiah, and I are roommates and we all get along good." The one surprise for Perkins has been his work in the classroom. "I've done better here than I did in high school." Perkins has accomplished that by spending more time on his studies than he had to in high school.

Perkins can into the spring with a few goals in mind. "I just wanted to come in to the spring and learn a lot and get a head start on the guys coming in this summer and make a good impression on the coaches."

The coaching staff started Perkins at B Back when the spring practices begin but he was then moved to the A Back position where he finished the spring. "They recruited me as an A Back but when I got in they told me I'd play some B Back in the spring." Coach (Paul) Johnson called Perkins into his office and told him of the move to A Back. He wanted to see where Perkins could make the best contribution in the fall.

Playing two different positions already as a freshman, one would think that learning the new offense would be difficult for someone in Perkins' position. "It's not a difficult offense but coming from high school you just go out and play but in college you have to think a lot." Perkins doesn't expect any problems picking up the offense going into preseason practice.

B.J. Bostic is the third of the three early enrollees to make the decision to enter school early. Bostic made his decision after having some discussions with a few of the coaches. "I talked with Coach (Giff) Smith and I talked with Coach (Charles) Kelly," said Bostic. "Basically they told me to come in early so I could go through spring and get a head start with the playbook."

Bostic was also quick to mention that having Isaiah and Charles coming in with him has really helped. "We have a tight relationship, said Bostic. "We're backing each other up and working out together." That has helped B.J. take advantage of coming in early.

The adaption to college life is moving along smoothly for Bostic. "When I first got here it was kind of hectic with school and workouts and study hall but now it's like a job; you have to do it because you have no other choice."

Bostic' goals going into the spring were simple ones. "I just wanted to get better and get some reps and learn the playbook." The more comfortable B.J. has gotten with the offense, the more reps he's received. "When we first started out we had to learn five plays a day and it was getting into my head but now they're not putting in any more plays and it's slowing down."

The one difference Bostic has faced this spring is playing without the ball in his hands. "I never blocked in high school so the biggest difference was coming in and chopping somebody." B.J. has learned this spring that blocking can be fun.

Bostic feels that he's helped himself by coming in early. "I think I helped myself by showing the coaches that I can be a weapon" With the help of Coach Lamar Owens and the older players, Bostic has been able to accomplish his goal of getting better. Top Stories