Sean Bedford - I'm Really Excited

Sean Bedford has emerged as one of the leaders of the Georgia Tech offensive line. Following the T Game, Bedford talked about the progress the line made this spring, the young linemen getting their first test, and a few that made the most of the spring.

Asked how the offensive line played in their final spring appearance, Sean replied, "I think we did a pretty good job as a whole." Another interested party (Anthony Allen) interjected, "a damn good job blocking." Bedford feels that everyone has played hard and that they've gotten a lot better through the course of the spring.

The one lineman that's made a big impression on Sean is redshirt sophomore Omoregie Uzzi. Uzzi is getting a shot at the starting job left vacant by the graduation of Cordero Howard. "He's really come on strong," said Bedford. "He's really stepped up and realized it's his time to play."

Another player that he expects to see a lot more of this coming season is a healthy Nick Claytor. "I think you're going to see a lot more of him."

Nick McRae is a lineman that's been asked to fill various rolls along the offensive line. He seems to have finally found a home at guard. "He's playing well," said Bedford. "He's been our utility guy and has moved wherever we needed somebody and you couldn't ask for more of a team player than Nick McRae has been." Bedford feels that Nick has finally found his home and has taken some ownership of the position.

One group that Bedford felt had made some good progress this spring was the redshirt freshmen group of Will Jackson, Jay Finch, Raymond Beno, and Antonio Foster. Those four were getting their spring baptism in the offense after spending last season on the scout team. "I think there's a tremendous amount of talent there," said Bedford. "They've come along but they still have a ways to go but they're freshman." The team will need some of them to step up in the fall and rise to the occasion.

Sean's position is one where depth may be a concern. "It was really unfortunate to see Zach Fraysier go down as early as he did." Bedford felt that Fraysier was poised to have a very good spring. "I think Jay Finch is going to do a good job but he still has some technique to learn," said Bedford. "He's got some of the things figured out and I think he's going to be a good player for us."

The one thing that has helped the line this spring, with the exception of Fraysier and Phil Smith is that line has been healthy and in tact throughout the spring. "We're returning some experience but not a whole lot." Everyone out there this spring has gotten reps and has progressed as a unit. "Everybody has to be on the same page to be successful."

They are a close knit group in Bedford's eyes. "I think the one thing that stands out is how close we are," said Bedford. "There is a lot of energy on this team and a lot of togetherness."

The offense has been a lot crisper this spring than in previous springs. This has led to fewer turnovers. "I think everybody has a much firmer grasp on the offense now." The players all seem to know what there jobs are and the coaches now know the strengths of those players.

Going into the summer phase and getting ready for the preseason there is a confidence that is evident when Sean talks about the offensive line. "I'm really excited about how good the line can be next year." Top Stories