Bill Belton - Two New Offers

Winslow Township High School (N.J.) athlete Bill Belton is receiving offers from schools across the nation. The sixteen schools that have offered Belton thus far like him as a slot receiver or a running back.

Bill Belton - Profile

The 5'10"-190 Belton has picked up two new offers and another may be on the way. "I have sixteen offers to date with Georgia Tech and Oregon the latest to offer," said Belton. "My coach says that an offer from Florida is coming too. Belton's offers are coming from conferences like the ACC, PAC 10, Big East, and the SEC.

Coach Groh's contact with Belton didn't come about until he joined the staff at Georgia Tech. "I know he has been in contact with my high school coach a lot," said Belton. "He says Coach Groh and Georgia Tech are very interested in me and want me to come to Georgia Tech."

With offers coming in from every corner of the nation, will location be a factor in Belton's choice. "I will go wherever I feel is the best place for me." Belton only wants to play football and help his team win. The type of campus will also not be a factor. "I don't care if it is a big city setting or a rural setting," said Belton. "I'm going to college for an education and to play football." If Belton feels comfortable, that's all he's looking for in a school.

The only other thing that may factor into his decision is playing time. He wants to be able to earn that playing time so it's not really a major factor. "As long as I can get a quality education and be able to play football, I'll be happy."

Belton doesn't have a timetable in making his college choice. "I will weigh all my options and see what happens." Belton is still getting offers and wants to see what's out there before making a final decision.

With summer camps coming up, Belton has yet to make any plans. "I'm planning on attending some but I'll have to see when they are being held so I can set up the dates." Top Stories