Keith Lewis - Getting Lots of Visits

Freedom High School (Tampa) defensive athlete Keith Lewis has picked up some new offers with the start of the evaluation period. Lewis and his teammates were in pads for the first time yesterday with the start of spring practice.

Keith Lewis - Profile

Lewis received four new offers today with two of them coming while he was being interviewed. "Auburn and Tennessee just dropped off offers to my head coach and he has now just informed me that North Carolina State and Memphis came by with offers."

The four offers bring the total to sixteen for Lewis. The evaluation period has been a busy one at Freedom. "Auburn, Tennessee, UAB came by today along with North Carolina State and Memphis," said Lewis. "Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, and Wake Forest have also been by this week."

Ole Miss and Wake Forest offered on their visit but he didn't get an offer on Coach Charles Kelly's visit. "Coach Kelly told my coach they'd be stopping by later this month and an offer should be coming then." Lewis hopes to pick up more offers as schools stop by to watch him practice.

Not all the schools recruiting Lewis are looking at him at the same position. "Right now the schools are telling me that I am either a strong safety or an outside linebacker. Lewis doesn't have a preference which one he plays in college. "I feel I can contribute at either position."

Lewis feels confident that has the evaluation period progresses his offer list will grow. He has yet to name a list of favorites. Top Stories