Romar Morris Names a Top Five

Salisbury, NC running back Romar Morris now holds eleven offers and has a top five list of schools.

Romar Morris - Profile

During the spring evaluation period East Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and South Carolina have visited Salisbury High School to get a good look at running back prospect Romar Morris. Morris is also hearing from Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt and reports eleven offers. "UNC, NC State, Wake Forest, Maryland, Arkansas, East Carolina, West Virginia, Utah, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, and Clemson have all offered," Morris said.

Morris plans on attending some summer camps and visiting some more schools this summer, but says that nothing has been set up yet. In the mean time, he's been able to visit some in-state schools. "I've been to UNC, Wake Forest, and NC State this year," he said. Morris says location isn't a factor though. "It doesn't matter where; I just want to try to go to the best program." He says he will probably be getting visiting Clemson, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and West Virginia as soon as he can this summer. Academics are the first priority for Morris and he'll also be looking at the makeup of the team and the coaching staff.

Coach Todd Spencer is recruiting Morris for Georgia Tech, and Morris says that he would be very comfortable in the Yellow Jackets' offense. "It's the exact same offense as my high school runs," Morris said. "I watch Georgia Tech all the time. We've been running that offense for three years now."

The speedy running back wants to try to commit before his football season starts in August. He also has come out with a top five, with no particular school leading. "My top five is Clemson, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, and South Carolina. I don't have a leader; they're all even right now." Top Stories