Errin Joe Gaining More and More Interest

Lakeland, Florida's Errin Joe now reports he is up to 19 or 20 offers. He's looking to narrow things down after the spring or summer.

During the evaluation period, many schools came by Lakeland Gibson Senior HS to get a good look at Errin Joe. "A lot of schools have come by," Joe said. "Florida, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Louisville, Middle Tennessee, Georgia Tech actually came by today, Ohio State, a whole host of them. That's the main bunch that has come." All the schools recruiting him are looking at him to be an interior offensive lineman, either for center or guard.

Errin held 16 or 17 offers before the evaluation and now says he has about 20. Michigan, Georgia Tech, and UCLA are the most recent schools to extend an offer to Joe. Miami, Florida State, Louisville, West Virginia, Vanderbilt, Stanford, and South Florida are some of the other schools that have offered him as well, among many others.

Joe has visited a few schools already this year. "I was at Auburn in January, I've been to FSU twice, I was at Miami's spring game, and I went to Florida for the first time last month," he said. He doesn't have anything planned yet for summer visits or camps to attend, but he says he will definitely be making some trips when his family figures it out.

There aren't any schools standing out yet for Joe, but he says he'll be narrowing things down to about ten schools or so after this spring or summer. He isn't quite sure when he wants his recruitment to end. He will be looking for just a few things that will make that one school stand out. "Education is important. My relationship with my position coach, too, because that is who you'll be around the whole time you're there. I'm also looking for that family atmosphere with the players and, of course, the head coach."

Georgia Tech, the most recent staff to visit Errin's school, extended their official offer today (May 20th) after verbally offering a couple weeks ago. "Coach Spencer and Coach Sewak were at my school today," Joe said. "So, I had my official offer handed to me today. Coach Speed, the inside linebackers coach, is actually the coach recruiting me for Georgia Tech." Although things are still not set for Joe this summer, he says that it is very possible he could visit Georgia Tech in the next months. He wants to try to get up there as soon as he can, just as the coaches want him to get up there as soon as possible." Top Stories