Darian Cooper Gets a Visit from Coach Groh

DeMatha Catholic High School (Hyattsville, MD) defensive lineman Darian Cooper will be playing on both side of the ball this coming season, but teams across the country are looking at the 6'1"-300 Cooper as a defensive tackle.

Darian Cooper has been used on the inside and at defensive end. He's also being used on the offensive line. "At my high school we have used the 4-3, the 3-4, and even a five man front so I feel I can play any position along the line."

Darian has received over fifteen offers thus far from teams across the country. "Recruiting is going very well," said Cooper. "I have been blessed to have received as many offers as I have and I appreciate each one that I have right now." Cooper has received offers from as far away as UCLA and from schools in the Midwest and Southeast.

Georgia Tech is the most recent school to offer Cooper. "Coach (Al) Groh came by my school with an offer said Cooper. "I really like him a lot." Having Groh stop by his school really stood out to Cooper. "He told my coach that I was very important to him and Georgia Tech."

In addition to liking Coach Groh there are other things that have Cooper interested in Georgia Tech. "I love the combination of their great academic and football tradition and they are playing great now," said Cooper. "A degree from Georgia Tech is not just a piece of paper and it's something that I'll have if the NFL is not an option and that is important to me."

Cooper will be unable to attend Georgia Tech's summer camp but will still be making a trip to Atlanta this summer. Coach Groh has suggested that Darian make the trip to Atlanta in the middle of July. "I am planning on making the trip to Atlanta around the 17th of July."

In addition to the trip to Tech, Cooper will be busy visiting other schools. "I hope to be able to visit Michigan State, Clemson, Duke, North Carolina State, Central Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa." There is also a chance Darian may try to squeeze in some other schools during the summer.

There are some things Cooper will be looking at when making these visits that will enter into his college choice. "I want to have a good relationship with the coaches and to have a good connection with them." Darian is also looking for a school where he'll feel comfortable and where he would fit in as a student if he weren't playing football. "I want to major in business management and the school I choose has to have a good business program." Distance will not be a factor for Cooper.

Darian will be getting some help in making his decision. "My mom said she will advise me but ultimately it is my decision to make," said Cooper. "I am the one that has to live with that decision for the next four or five years."

While finding a school that is in a big city or a small town isn't a big factor in making his choice, Cooper does have some thought about that. "Ideally I'd love to have a school that could offer both settings," said Cooper. "If I want to just kick back and take it easy, I'd have that opportunity and if I would like to go out and have a good time, I'd also have that opportunity."

With the spring over, Cooper is starting to take a closer look at making his college choice. "I'd like to make the decision sometime during my senior season," said Cooper. I'll have a top five and use the time between now and then to research the schools in order to make the best choice."

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