Blake Countess Still Exploring His Options

Good Counsel High (MD) cornerback Blake Countess has been getting attention from the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, and the SEC. It doesn't look like things are slowing down for the highly rated cornerback as he's recently picked up an offer from Tennessee and is making plans to visit Atlanta.

"I received an offer from Tennessee this week and I spoke with Coach (Al) Groh from Georgia Tech about coming down there to check out their campus and see what they have to offer." Blake Countess first heard about Tech from 2010 signee and teammate Louis Young.

"I'm hoping to get there this coming week," said Countess. My mom has some business that will take her to Atlanta but if I don't go with here I will set up another time to get down there." Blake is anxious to see the campus and meet the coaches. "Coach Groh wants to show me how he will be putting in his defense."

The recent offer from Tennessee brings Countess' offer total to fifteen. This summer he'll begin to visit some of those schools. "I'd like to be able to see as many as I can." In addition to visiting schools Blake will also be attending some camps. "I know I'll be going to the FBU Camp in Philadelphia and I will be going to the Gridiron Kings Camp in Orlando in July. " Blake is looking forward to that camp after getting his invite. "Louis Young went to the camp last year and said it was an excellent camp."

Countess is not ready to name favorites from his list of offers. "It is still early and I would like to see as many schools as I can and compare them to see which one I feel is the best fit for me." Blake hasn't decided on a time line for making his decision. "I want to see how many offers I get and then start trimming them down," said Countess. "Sometime during my senior season or maybe after the season, I'll make my decision." Countess will play all this by ear and could make a decision earlier than planned.

His decision will be determined by some factors that are important to Blake. "First, the most important one will be academics." That will be important to both Countess and his parents. Countess also wants to be comfortable with the school he chooses. "How well I get along with the players, coaches, students and feeling like I fit in when I'm there is important to me." That is something that Blake and his parents also agree on in choosing a school. Countess will also take a look at campus activities and life around the campus. The final factor for Blake will be playing time. "I'd like to come in and compete for playing time right away," said Countess. "I don't want to be a redshirt if at all possible." Countess doesn't want to have to wait until his senior season to see real action. "I want to be on the field helping my team win."

All the schools recruiting Countess are looking at him as a cornerback. Blake also plays slot receiver on his high school team. Good Counsel should have a good team despite the loss of Young. "We are still hungry and I feel we can have a good season." Top Stories