Brandon Reed "This is My Hometown"

Brandon Reed has taken his visits to a trio of southern schools after deciding to transfer from Arkansas State. After deliberation, Reed has made his decision and will stay at home and play for Georgia Tech. Reed will sit out a year but can't wait to make an impact in his time on the Flats.

Arkansas State point guard Brandon Reed's transfer visits ended with his commitment to Georgia Tech. Reed spent the previous week visiting Tech, Clemson, and Tennessee before reaching his decision on Monday.

Reed said one main factor led to his choosing Georgia Tech. "Being close to home was the main thing." By choosing Tech, Reed can now get to see his grandmother whenever he wants. "She will only be twenty minutes away and this was definitely the draw; grandmother and location."

The academic side of things at Georgia Tech is something that Reed felt he couldn't pass up. "Georgia Tech is outstanding on the academic side."

The idea of playing at Tech and representing his hometown is something that excites Reed. "This is my hometown," said Reed.

Reed's relationship with Coach Paul Hewitt also was a factor in the decision. He respects Coach Hewitt and enjoys the current players on the team. "Coach Hewitt knows what he is doing and the team is a great fit for me," said Brandon. "My relationship with Mfon (Udofia) was also a big draw."

With the decision behind him, Reed has made plans to enroll at Tech. "I'm coming in for the late summer session," said Brandon. "I'm trying to come in and get started as soon as possible because I want to graduate and get a degree as quick as possible."

As is the case with transfers, Reed will be sitting out a year. "This is good in my opinion as I get a chance to get stronger and work on my game more."

Is Reed happy with his decision? I'm excited to get started," said Brandon. "I can't wait." Top Stories