Kyle Harris Visiting the In-State Schools

Pepperell High School offensive lineman Kyle Harris recently visited Georgia Tech to tour the campus and he'll be traveling to Athens this weekend for the Georgia camp. Harris is still looking at schools and will be making more visits this summer.

The whole recruiting process has been hectic for Kyle Harris but he's taking it in stride. "This is something that will only happen once in your life so I've enjoyed it so far."

While Harris hasn't been to any camps this summer, he did take a visit to Georgia Tech while they were holding their lineman camp. Kyle and his family took a tour of the campus. "The tour really opened my eyes to all the things they have to offer the students and the athletes," said Harris. "It was amazing how much bigger the campus was than I ever thought it would be."

Harris knows the value of a Georgia Tech degree once he graduates and that will be something he's looking at in making his decision. "They are also doing great in football."

On his visit, Harris had a chance to talk with Coach (Paul) Johnson. "We talked about how I would fit in the offensive line which could be anywhere according to Coach Johnson." Harris and Johnson also talked about how playing at Tech would affect his chances of playing in the NFL. "He told me that there a few of his linemen already in the NFL and the notion that the triple option hurts linemen or any offensive players hopes of making the NFL isn't true." Harris was impressed with how the coaches are teaching the offensive linemen and really liked Coach Johnson.

Did his visit to Georgia Tech help their chances? "They moved up my list along with a few other schools." Harris has plans to visit a few of those schools on his list. "I want to go to Tennessee and Georgia to see what they are about and then I want to go back to Maryland and check them out as they were my top school."

Harris will be visiting Georgia this Saturday for their camp and he has plans to visit Tennessee, South Carolina, Purdue, Louisville, and Illinois. "I will also fit in any other school if they offer me or if I have interest in them."

The main factor in making his decision will be how comfortable he feels while he is on campus. "Playing time and a quality education are also top priorities." Harris is not sure if a big town or a small town campus will make a difference in his decision. "After this Saturday, I will be able to answer that question of who I like better, Georgia or Georgia Tech." Harris will compare his time at both schools and decide which he likes best.

When Kyle started the recruiting process, he had his mind set on making a decision before the season started. "If the offers I want to have in hand haven't come in, I will wait a couple of games to see if they do." Harris hopes to have as many offers as possible in order to have comparisons to make the best choice. "It looks like I will either have it done right before the season starts or just after, but no later than that." Top Stories