David Helton Makes A Return Trip

David Helton is a top linebacker from Baylor School (Chattanooga, TN). David made a return visit to Georgia Tech with his mother following his visit to the Junior-Senior Camp last weekend.

David Helton made the trip to Atlanta with his mother to see more of what Georgia Tech had to offer. "It was great to be honest," said Helton. "We made the trip to see the campus and take a look at the academic side of things." Helton and his mother were impressed with both. "When you are on campus, you don't get that big city feel but I love how it is intertwined with the city of Atlanta." Helton and his mom made the short trip to the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore and had a chance to see the restaurants along the way. "It was a different outlook than we expect but different was good."

David also had a chance to see the facilities on his trip. "I liked the dorms and how they were set up." They also stopped by the Academic Resource Center. "Our host talked about how we could use the center according to what my major will be." Helton plans to major in organizational psychology with a business background. "I understand that Tech has one of the top thirty business schools in the nation despite being so young."

Helton wasn't the only one impressed with the visit. "My mom liked everything they had to show us and was very pleasantly surprised the way Georgia Tech is set up for the students." Helton's mom left with a good feeling about Georgia Tech.

While he was on campus David had a chance to talk with Coach Paul Johnson before he left to go out of town. "He said he really wanted me to come to Tech and that he felt I would be a great addition to the team." Helton didn't get a chance to meet with Coach Al Groh who was out of town. He did, however, get to talk to linebackers Coach Joe Speed. "He told me how I would fit in at the linebacker position and told me to take my time and make sure I make the right decision and that Georgia Tech would be there when I was ready to make my decision."

The visit to Georgia Tech improved their position with Helton. "Right now they are at the top of my list with Duke." Helton has plans to attend two more camps. "I'm going to Virginia Tech on July 10th and Auburn on July 17th and choose from those four schools." David doesn't foresee any more trips at this time. "I will make my decision right before school starts in mid-August."

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