Joe Morrow Models Game after Calvin Johnson

Joe Morrow recently picked up an offer from Georgia Tech, which immediately moved them into his top four. Joe Morrow is a huge Calvin Johnson fan and models his game after him. Joe and his mother both like Georgia Tech very much and were excited to receive the offer.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi receiver Joe Morrow has gotten the attention of quite a few schools. His latest offer came in the mail this week from Georgia Tech. That offer has moved Tech into Morrow's top four.

Morrow is happy with the way things have been going with his recruiting. "I picked up an offer in the mail this Monday from Georgia Tech and they are now in my top four with Mississippi State, Auburn, and Arkansas." Morrow will make his choice from those four schools.

Morrow wasn't the only one excited with the Georgia Tech offer. "My mom is very excited about the offer from Georgia Tech," said Morrow. "She said that a school like that will be one that will provide me with an education that will take me far after college." Morrow's mom had Mississippi State as her favorite until the offer came from Georgia Tech. They are now her favorite.

Joe plans to take official visits to all four of his top four schools. "My mom says we will visit Georgia Tech first as she is anxious to see everything they have to offer." Morrow shares his mom's feelings for Tech as receiver Calvin Johnson is his favorite player and he models his game after Johnson. "It would be an honor to play for the same team as him."

Morrow is working hard to improve his strength and speed so that he can be more like Johnson. "Right now I'm 6'4"-200 and I'm putting a lot of work in my off-season to get better than I was last season."

Morrow is making plans to graduate early from Ocean Springs High School. "I'm taking English IV right now so I can graduate early and I've been taking honors courses so I feel I'll be ready for college work when I get there." Morrow has been cleared by the NCAA and is working on improving his academics even more.

After Morrow takes his four official visits, he'll be making his decision. "If I get the chance I might make a few unofficial visits to each school but all that depends on how my schedule falls with me taking classes this summer to graduate early." Top Stories