Tony Steward Visits Two Southern Schools

Tony Steward recently took a visit to both Clemson and Georgia Tech. His visit to Atlanta was a short one, but Tony enjoyed it and looks forward to trying to make another trip to see more of Georgia Tech and what it has to offer.

Tony Steward is one of the most sought after linebackers in the nation. Steward previously had Florida State as his number one team but a trip to Clemson put the Tigers in front. Steward also made a stop at Georgia Tech on his way back to St. Augustine from Clemson.

The trip to Georgia Tech was a short one for Tony but he learned a lot in the short time he was there. "We got a chance to see a lot and to talk to Coach (Mike) Sewak and Coach (Al) Groh." Coach Sewak is Steward's recruiting coach and Coach Groh would be his position coach if he chose Tech. "Coach Groh talked to me about the defense he is installing and how important I would be in the defense." Coach Groh told Steward that he was the type of player he likes to coach. "When a coach has a Super Bowl ring on his finger and has coached Lawrence Taylor, you know he knows what he is talking about and can get you to the next level."

Steward didn't get a chance to see as much as he did at Clemson so it would be hard for him to compare the two visits. "I got a chance to see the athletic facilities and the dorms," said Steward. "Even with it being a short trip to Tech, I'd still give the trip an eight or nine on a scale of one to ten." Steward will probably be making a return trip so that he can get a better look at the campus. If he doesn't return this summer, he'll return for a game during the season.

The trips to Clemson and Georgia Tech won't be the only ones for Steward this summer. "In two weeks I will be going to Rutgers and then in July I will make a three team trip to Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia."

In spite of not seeing very much at Georgia Tech, they are one of the teams he is considering. "Clemson is on top right now but Tech is up there with the rest of them." Steward will be announcing his decision on signing day.

The most important factor for Steward in making that decision will be his comfort level at the school. "I want to see if it has a family atmosphere to it when I'm there." He'll be looking to see if the students are friendly and he'll be looking to see if they support the players. "How well I relate to the coaches will be a factor too." Top Stories