Ben Councell Adds a New Favorite

Asheville, North Carolina linebacker Ben Councell visited Notre Dame two weeks ago and named them as his leader. On Wednesday Councell made the trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. Did this trip change his favorites?

Ben Councell made the trip to Atlanta with his dad. "We were very impressed with how the campus was set in downtown Atlanta," said Councell. "It was very different than what we thought it would be; it was a very impressive campus."

Ben and his dad arrived at Georgia Tech around noon and had a look at the facilities and toured the entire campus. "Everything was first rate there." Councell reconnected with Coach Andy McCollum who was recruiting him at North Carolina State. "He broke down the 3-4 defense they run which is just like we run in high school."

After talking to Coach McCollum, Councell had a chance to talk to Coach Al Groh and Coach Paul Johnson. "Coach Groh likes my size and speed (6' 5", 225 pounds, and a 4.4 40 time) which is what he likes in his defense." Councell was also impressed with Coach Johnson. "He was very straight to the point and very open with me which made a great impression on me." Johnson told Councell that he would be a good fit for Tech on and off the field. "He said that if I worked hard that playing time as a freshman was very possible but that it was up to me to prove that I could do it," said Councell. "The staff at Georgia Tech is a great one."

Councell felt that both the trip to Notre Dame and the one to Georgia Tech were great ones. Councell may also make a few more visits. "I might make it over to North Carolina and then down to South Carolina for a visit if I can work them into my schedule.

Ben now has a good idea who his leaders are right now. "My decision will come between Georgia Tech and Notre Dame." North Carolina and South Carolina round out Councell's top four. "Georgia Tech and Notre Dame are at the top of my list right now." He should have a decision in the next two weeks.

Academics will be a big part of his decision. "Another thing will be the feel of the campus and how I feel when I'm at the school." Councell will also be taking a close look at the coaching staffs. "Location can play a part in my decision and that is why Notre Dame is the only school that is a good ways from home." Georgia Tech would be a drive under four hours for Councell and North and South Carolina are not far from his home. Top Stories