Darien Harris Set to Visit Georgia Tech

DeMatha Catholic High School safety Darien Harris is taking his time as he continues through the recruiting process. Harris has recently taken one visit and is getting ready to take two more before he gets ready for his senior season.

Darien Harris is starting to see his recruitment escalate. "I'm scheduled to visit Michigan State next week and then I'll be going to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech the following week." Harris took a visit to Duke last week so he's been busy with recruiting.

Darien has received ten offers thus far. "I hope to use my senior year to show what I can do as a safety after playing outside linebacker last season." The move to safety is one that Harris feels is his dream position. "I want to play safety in college and the best way for me to have that happen is to let the coaches and schools interested in me see me play there this year."

One of Harris' upcoming visits will be to Georgia Tech. Tech is not one of the ten schools that have given Harris an offer. "I've talked with Coach (Al) Groh as he is my recruiting coach," said Harris. "He says they've had an offer out to another safety since last September and they want to see what he does." Harris hopes to get an offer if that safety doesn't commit. "Coach Groh and I have a good relationship and he's excited about my play and glad to see I have strong interest in Georgia Tech."

An offer from Georgia Tech would move them up his list of schools. "They would move up there with the rest of the schools that I'm considering." Harris doesn't have a leader or a favorite at the present time. "I will weight all my options during my senior year and then after the season I will make a decision." Harris feels that is the best way to go about his recruitment.

Harris' teammate Darian Cooper is also taking a look at Georgia Tech but they haven't talked about a package deal. "We mostly talk about the highs and lows of each school and how we liked or disliked things about a visit." If the two teammates wind up at the same school is will be purely coincidental.

Academics are the first thing Harris is looking at in choosing a school. "I know it's a cliché but it is the truth for me." Harris will be looking at the school's academic reputation when he makes his decision. "Getting that degree comes first for me." Darien is also looking to see if the school is committed to winning. "It doesn't necessarily mean that they had to be a winner last season but are they recruiting well and making changes for the betterment of the team."

Harris will also be looking to see how the fans support the program. "It is important to me that the team has the support of the fans, students, and the alumni." Darien will also be taking a close look at the facilities. "I want a school that has the facilities that will help the player develop." The final thing he'll be looking at will be the campus. "I want to see if it is a good college town." Harris is not looking for a particular type of town. "It could be a big city or a small town but I'll have to see when I'm there what the campus feels like."

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