Darian Cooper Taking Visits and Trimming List

Darian Cooper is setting up his summer visits and his plans to begin to trim down his list of schools. He has five schools already in line for visits in July and may visit some schools in tandem with his teammate Darien Harris. He already has an idea of the schools he is favoring and will begin to form a top five list.

DeMatha Catholic defensive lineman Darian Cooper has several schools he is setting up to visit over the summer and plans to start trimming down his list of schools. Darian feels that he owes the coaches the respect of letting them know he isn't interested so they can move on to other players.

Cooper is happy with the progress he's made with his recruiting." I have some schools that I am getting ready to visit," said Cooper. "I'll be visiting Georgia Tech, Michigan State, North Carolina State, and Central Florida." Cooper will kick off a busy July with a trip to Virginia Tech on the 9th or the 10th.

When told that teammate Darien Harris would also be visiting Georgia Tech and Michigan State, Cooper said, "That is something I would be interested in doing with him if I can get my schedule to work with his." Cooper will be checking his workout schedule, his brother's camp schedule, and his mom's work schedule before he can tell if this is possible. "It would be nice if we can go together as I know we both have Coach (Al) Groh as our recruiting coach at Georgia Tech."

Both Harris and Cooper have developed a good relationship with Coach Groh. I like Coach Groh a lot", said Cooper. "A lot of coaches come by your school and sit down a group of players together but Coach Groh knows your name and talks to you one on one."

Cooper has developed that relationship with Groh by talking with him on a personal level. "He asks about me on a personal level and then tells me about himself and how he feels he can help me as a person and a player in college." Cooper finds it refreshing that Groh talks to him about making him a better person on and off the field. "I know he knows defense and can develop me that way and if he develops me as a person then that is great too."

Georgia Tech is not recruiting Cooper at any particular defensive position. "Coach Groh won't pigeon hole me to one position," said Cooper. "He will see where I would be best for the team and myself." DeMatha Catholic plays multiple defenses so the 3-4 defense wouldn't be new to Cooper. "I know I would have some learning to do and Coach Groh will help with that."

Cooper has a long list of offers thus far. "My latest offer is from Virginia." Cooper received the offer from Virginia through the mail. His list of offers continues to grow with each week.

Darian is getting an idea of which schools he's beginning to favor. "I have a few schools that I am looking at heavily, especially the ones that I've visited or am going to visit," said Cooper. "I know that I need to start trimming down the list of schools." Cooper has gotten offers from some schools that have not contacted him since giving him an offer. "I need to trim the list and give the coaches at those schools the respect they deserve so they can move on to other players at my position."

Cooper hopes to have his list trimmed down by the end of the summer. "By the time school starts I want to have a top five." This will allow him to decide on his official visits. "I'd like to have my decision made sometime early in the season so that I can enjoy my senior season and have as few distractions as possible." Not having to worry about recruiting will help Darien enjoy his senior year in high school. "You have to enjoy it while it's there as it goes by quickly."

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