Stephon Brown Really Likes GT

Henry County slot receiver Stephon Brown has been busy this summer winning receiver MVP awards at the Georgia Tech and Auburn MVP camps. Brown grew up a Georgia fan but now that his recruitment is taking off it's opened his eyes to other schools.

Stephon Brown is happy with the progress he's making with his recruitment. "I have a lot of teams starting to show interest in me now that they know I'm open to all teams." One of the teams that Brown is taking a look at is Georgia Tech. "My teammate Dalvin Tomlinson and I are looking to go to the same team and we both really like Georgia Tech."

Even though Brown is a year ahead of Tomlinson, the two made a pact to go to the same school if possible. "Both of us are hoping it will be Georgia Tech as he feels like he can come in and contribute on the defensive line in 2012."

There are a few things that Brown likes about Georgia Tech. "You can't go wrong with a degree from Georgia Tech," said Brown. "I also like the offense they run there. Brown has been told that he's being recruited as an A Back by his recruiting coach Joe Speed. "After watching several games last year, I knew that position would fit me well." Brown loves to block and takes pride in it. "I would also get a chance not only to catch the ball but I would also get a chance to be a running back in their offense." His former teammate Chris Jackson has sold Brown on all that is good about the offense and the school. "He's like a brother to me."

Brown and Tomlinson have both had a chance to talk to Coach Paul Johnson. "He told us that he could really see us being there as part of the team," said Brown. "That was great to hear coming from the head man himself."

Stephon has had a chance to visit Georgia Tech for Junior Day, the spring game, and the MVP combine this year. "I plan on going to as many games as I can this year and I hope to get an offer."

Brown has a list of schools that are recruiting him and he hopes to visit some of those schools. "I'm hearing from Texas Tech, Boise State, Oklahoma, Clemson, South Carolina, and West Virginia." Oklahoma, Southern Mississippi, and Wake Forest are three schools that have invited him to visit and he hopes to make those trips.

The name Stephon Brown gained notice with his performance at the MVP Combine at Georgia Tech. "There were over 300 recruits there and I was named the receiver MVP for the combine." Brown also attended the MVP Combine at Auburn with 200 other recruits and came away with the MVP. "It was a real honor to get those awards and I've really worked hard to make myself a better player."

Does Brown have a leader at this point? "The more I think about it the more I want an offer from Georgia Tech to be able to make a contribution to their team any way I can," said Brown. "I really like the school and Coach Speed and I have developed a fantastic relationship."

Brown is waiting patiently for an offer while he gets ready for the upcoming season at Henry County by working at daily. Top Stories