Gerald Dixon Wants To Stay In Southeast

South Pointe High School (Rock Hill, SC) defensive end Gerald Dixon has offers from all over the southeast. Dixon wants to stay in the southeast and his list of his top five schools reflects that desire. While Gerald has a top five, he hasn't ruled out the chance of one other school making that list.

The summer is coming to an end but the interest in Gerald Dixon is still growing. "I'm getting calls every day and it does begin to wear on you at times but for the most part it has been a very good experience."

Dixon has used his free time this summer to visit schools that are showing interest in him. Clemson and Alabama are two schools that he's visited. "I really enjoyed them both and learned a lot about both schools." Dixon rated the Alabama trip as the better of the two. "I liked everything there more than I did at Clemson."

For now, it appears that Dixon is finished with visits and camps for the summer. "Any other visits will be the five official visits I'm allowed to take and unofficial visits to schools close by." Dixon has a good idea of which schools will be getting those official visits. "Right now, unless something really changes, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Wake Forest, and Auburn will be getting the five official visits." Those schools are also considered to be his top five.

Georgia and Georgia Tech are two additional schools showing interest in Dixon. "Both schools are recruiting me and I'm somewhat interested in them right now." A visit to one of those schools could change his mind about his list of favorites. "It probably can change if I make a visit to Georgia Tech."

It's evident by his list of schools that Dixon would like to stay in the southeast. "I would like to stay fairly close to home but definitely in the southeast."

Dixon currently has sixteen offers from schools around the country. Most of those offers are from schools in the southeast. "I will look the educational reputation of those schools and what a degree from those schools would mean." Dixon will also be taking a look at the support the schools get from their fan base and the experience of the coaching staffs. "I will most likely make my decision toward the latter part of my season." Top Stories