Tremayne McNair - Not Yet Decided

White Oak, North Carolina linebacker Tremayne McNair made a mid week visit to Atlanta to see Georgia Tech and the campus. Tremayne wasn't sure what he was going to see but he came away with a drastically different view of Georgia Tech than he had prior to the visit.

Tremayne McNair - Profile

McNair made the trip to Atlanta with his high school coach. "I went down to Atlanta thinking that Georgia Tech is located in the big city of Atlanta and wouldn't be something that I would like." We McNair and his coach arrived they both saw a different school than they expected. "I really came away with a great feeling about Georgia Tech," said McNair. "I really loved it and it was much better than I expected."

Tremayne got to see all the facets of Georgia Tech. "I got to see the classrooms, academic support, and the facilities that are available for the student-athletes." McNair also got to see the CRC building and the locker room. "We toured the locker room which was my favorite part of the visit," said McNair. "The locker room shows all the history of Georgia Tech and how well they've done over the years." Tremayne also had a chance to see the playing field and practice fields. "It was a great visit and Tech has a lot of state of the art facilities."

In addition to his tour of the campus and facilities, McNair had a chance to meet with the coaches. "I talked with Coach (Charles) Kelly and he's cool and knows his football and I got a chance to catch up with Coach (Andy) McCollum," said McNair. "He was recruiting me when he was at North Carolina State." McNair has a good relationship with McCollum and has formed a bond with him. "Both coaches told me that I was one of the top prospects they have on the board and they see me getting early playing time at outside linebacker if I came to Georgia Tech." Playing early is something McNair would like to do.

Where did this trip put Georgia Tech on McNair's list of schools? "They were already in my top three with Clemson and North Carolina before the visit and this just improved their stock. McNair was set to announce his commitment this Saturday but now has decided to put that off and wait as the trip to Georgia Tech really opened his eyes.

McNair will be visiting North Carolina this Friday for their 7 on 7 camp. He was set to announce the following morning but that has changed. "I will still make the trip to North Carolina but my decision is put on hold now." In order to sort things out, McNair will be talking with his parents and coach. "I will talk with them to see which the best way for me to go is and which school fits me best for the future." McNair will be looking at the value of the degree from each school and the relationship he has with the coaches.

Prior to the visit to Georgia Tech, North Carolina was the leader among the three schools on McNair's list. "Right now they are all on an equal playing field. Tremayne will have a lot of thinking to do before making a decision. "I'm hoping it will be sooner than later." Top Stories