Joshua Nesbitt - I'm Ready to Go

Georgia Tech quarterback Joshua Nesbitt has taken the team to an ACC championship and has broken quarterback rushing records but going into the 2010 season he still feels he has more work to do.

The option quarterback at Georgia Tech is one that takes a lot of pounding which can lead to minor injuries. Nesbitt is proof of that missing all of spring practice while recovering from arthroscopic ankle surgery. This and other minor ailments have plagued him over the past few seasons. Nesbitt enters the 2010 campaign the healthiest he's been in some time. "I feel the best I've felt since high school and I'm ready to go."

Joshua has also been doing the right things like eating right. Taking the time off in the spring helped him physically but it wasn't easy to do. "I think all my teammates know that's why I sat on the sidelines talking so much junk to them, said Nesbitt. "I know they can't wait until I get back out there."

Not only is Nesbitt feeling better physically going into the season but he's also feeling better mentally. "I feel I have more knowledge of the game"

The Georgia Tech offense has to replace some key player like Jonathan Dwyer, Demaryius Thomas, and Cord Howard. Nesbitt feels that they have the players to pick up the slack left by their departure. "It's going to be very tough but I think the guys we have will fill their shoes in their own special way."

The loss of those players doesn't add any pressure on Nesbitt to do more than he's already done. "I'm going to go into every game with a clear head and ready to play without thinking about what could have been if we had this person or that person." Nesbitt doesn't mind the perceived pressure that may come with his position and the loss of some key players.

With the loss of Dwyer, Nesbitt will be working with a new B Back in Anthony Allen. Nesbitt expects a smooth transition. "It won't be hard to transition," said Nesbitt. "We've been working on it some in the offseason and we'll hit the ground running in two weeks."

Another key to the success of this year's team will be the offensive line. The Jackets will be looking for some players to step up and take the place of Joseph Gilbert and Cord Howard. "I feel like we'll be better on the line this year because we have (Omoregie) Uzzi, Nick McCrae, and we have Nick Claytor and Austin Barrick and Sean Bedford here for another year."

Does Joshua feel they're a better team this year? "I feel we're a scrappier team and we understand what it takes to be a winner and we understand what it's like to fight until the clock says zero."

Nesbitt's goals for this season are very simple. "I just want to help my team compete for a national championship," said Nesbitt. "If we have a chance to play in that game, I'm doing my job as a quarterback."

The schedule this season will have a bearing on the Jacket's chances of repeating as ACC champions. "I think the schedule is more favorable because people are looking at us to not be the same team and the other teams will have the bull's eyes on them." Nesbitt and his teammates are ready to step up to the challenge. "We have the talent and we'll be ready for every game."

Before we let Joshua go, we had to find out about the switch from Josh to Joshua. "It's really not a switch but I think when the camera is on everybody calls me Josh," said Nesbitt. "In the locker room everybody calls be Nesbitt or nine so it's really not a change." The change to Joshua was something that Nesbitt and his mom thought about to make him sound more adult-like. The players have been giving him a hard time about it but it hasn't fazed Nesbitt. "I just laugh about it and keep it movin." What does Coach Paul Johnson call him? "He can call me whatever he likes." Top Stories