Sean Bedford on Breakout Players and Agents

In part two of the two part interview with preseason All-ACC center Sean Bedford, we get his thoughts on how the players are becoming more comfortable with the offense. Sean also talks about some of the other players that he feels will be contributing to the success of this year's team and gives his thoughts on "agent gate".

Those that follow Coach Paul Johnson's offense talk about the third year as the one where everything seems to come together. Sean Bedford and his offensive teammates have put together strong years in the first two years running the offense at Georgia Tech. They also feel there is room to get even better. "We seem to be on board with the offense and we seem to understand what we're doing now and it's almost becoming second nature."

When Will Jackson asked Sean for some help with the offense, it brought back memories of what it was like in his first year with the offense. "When I first came in it was a struggle just to learn what the center did and now I can tell what every player on the line and most of the backs are supposed to do." There was one question that Sean couldn't answer and when he saw guard Omoregie Uzzi he asked him the question and he knew the answer right away. "I think that's where we're at right now and it's becoming second nature and we know what we're doing and we're all very comfortable with the schemes."

Bedford feels the offense shouldn't skip a beat with the loss of Dwyer and having Anthony Allen taking his place. He feels the key is having skill players running the offense. "Nesbitt knows the offense as well as anybody and Allen knows what the A Backs are supposed to do as well as the B Backs and I think that's a huge help for us."

At the receiver position, Bedford is looking forward to seeing Stephen Hill filling Demaryius Thomas' shoes. "I think Stephen is going to be a very good receiver for us," said Sean. "He has all the talent in the world and I know it's going to be hard to replace Bay Bay but if anyone can do it I think Stephen Hill is a pretty good candidate."

Lining up on the other side of the scrimmage from Hill is returning starter Tyler Melton. "Tyler is important to the team because he's a very good blocker and a good possession receiver and he makes plays when we need him to." While Melton doesn't get the press that some of the other offensive players do, but Bedford feels he'll be the guy that will do the little things to make everyone else better.

Bedford is one of the players that have had a close up look at the new 3-4 defense. "I realize Logan's (Walls) not the biggest guy in the world but he works his tail off and Jason Peters is the same way" Peters has been one of the leaders on defense this summer. "He's been grabbing guys after drills and getting them to do extra work to improve their technique." Bedford feels this extra work will help minimize the growing pains while learning the new technique. Another player that has caught Bedford's attention is T.J. Barnes. "I've been really impressed with him."

The hot topic of discussion entering the season has been "agent gate." The subject is one that Sean and the players have been following. "It's been discussed quite a bit around the locker room and I don't think any of us are in a position to judge any of these guys and allegedly what they've done." Bedford feels it's an issue of circumstance and everyone should not rush to judgment. "I think if the average college student was offered money or a free trip to Miami, they would take it." Bedford also knows that the rules are there for a reason. "We have an obligation to follow them and I think it's important that there's a degree of integrity in the game." Bedford feels that the team has a lot of high character guys that go out of their way to keep their noses clean.

Sean enters his final season weighing more than at any time in his career. "I'm at least ten pounds heavier than last year." The added weight hasn't affected his agility. "I think I ran the fastest agility test I've run since I've been here." Sean will also be entering the season having hopefully taken care of his cramping problems. Pedialyte was recommended to him and it seems to have eliminated the problems that plagued him last season. Top Stories