William Goodwin Transitions Between Sports

William "Shaq" Goodwin caught a lot of eyes this summer as he toured the country with the Atlanta Celtics. The 6-8, 230 pound junior from Decatur, GA, has just returned from a stunning performance at the Super 64 in Las Vegas and now it's time to put away his basketball togs and prepare for the gridiron.

The Vegas tournament started well for William Goodwin and his teammates but didn't finish as expected. "We played very well and everyone started telling us we were the team to beat and we started believing that and lost."

Goodwin's strong performance in Vegas led to offers for the junior forward. "I have recently gotten offers from Providence, Alabama, Miami, Florida State, Florida, Georgia and Georgia Tech." Goodwin has been in contact with Coach Darryl Labarrie at Georgia Tech. No visits are currently in his plans.

Now that the AAU season is over, Goodwin will be heading back to school to prepare for the upcoming football season. Goodwin has been toying with the idea of playing both sports in college. "Some of the schools talking to me have said I could play both but it's just conversation for now," said Shaq. "I'm not sure that I'll end up playing both in college but we'll see as I'm only a junior."

Goodwin has shown a lot of improvement in his game over the summer but feels there are still areas he needs to work on. "I need to work on my footwork, ball handling and my defense." These are areas he's taken upon himself to improve.

As Goodwin gets further into the football season, he'll have to start thinking about the transition from football to basketball. "We begin basketball in December and I hope we'll still be playing football." If that happens, Goodwin will miss some of the early part of the season.

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