Kyle Wiltjer Cutting it Down to Seven

Kyle Wiltjer is a talented forward from Portland, Oregon that just finished up his AAU circuit with the Oakland Soldiers. Kyle has picked up even more offers, but is trimming his list down to seven.

Kyle Wiltjer would be the All-American boy except his dad was born in Canada. The 6-9, 235 pound power forward, Class of 2011, has it all. When advised that this reporter missed seeing him in action during the recent AAU Peach Jam in Augusta, GA because he suffered a migraine that night, he said, "Dang, I'm sorry." We talked to Kyle about his summer on the AAU circuit.

Kyle spent the summer playing in tournaments for the Oakland Soldier team that is loaded with division one talent. "We won in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles."

Wiltjer will be playing one last tournament this summer in his home town of Portland, Oregon. "I'm involved in a tournament called the Nike Global Challenge," said Kyle. "I'm on the Canadian team and there are four teams from the U.S. and four from outside the states."

When we last talked to Kyle, he had more than a dozen offers. He has picked up more offers since our last conversation. "I've gotten offers from Kentucky, Washington, UCLA, Virginia, and Georgia Tech."

Many schools on that list will be trimmed. "I'm going to narrow my list to seven after I talk with my parents," said Kyle. "Actually I've already done that but out of respect for those schools that don't make the cut, I want to talk to them and tell them of my decision."

When asked if Georgia Tech had made the cut, Kyle replied "possibly". Kyle had previously mentioned that he was very interested in Georgia Tech.

The next step in the process is to go through the family process and get down to those seven schools as mentioned. He does not have any visits planned at this time. "I'm going to let the process play out and not commit to any specific date to make a decision." Top Stories