Bohannon and Cox On Breakout B Backs

The Jackets and Coach Brian Bohannon enter the 2010 season looking to replace 6th round draft pick Jon Dwyer at B Back. Anthony Allen will be Dwyer's replacement but Coach Bohannon is also happy with the depth he sees behind Allen. We talked to both Coach Bohannon and Luke Cox to get their thoughts on the B Back position entering the 2010 season.

To the outsider, it may seem that the B Back position is one of concern for Georgia Tech with Dwyer no longer available. Coach Bohannon likes what he sees going into this season. "It's a really deep group right now and we feel good about all four of the guys helping us win ball games," said Bohannon. "There's not a lot of separation between all of them and the great thing is there's a lot of competition between them and they're making each other better."

The players have been working hard this summer preparing for the upcoming season. "I'm excited about that position and the depth we have." That depth may lead to the backups getting more touches to get all the backs fresh. "It's going to help the guys that are playing because if they know that we have guys we're confident about coming into the game." Coach Bohannon knows this strategy will wear down the defense as the game goes on with fresh backs battering the defensive players.

Coach Bohannon has seen enough of Allen to know how his style will compare to Dwyer. "We've seen Anthony run and I've seen him more between the tackles than the fans have," said Bohannon. "I think Jon's different than all of them because he has the game breaking ability while Anthony will put his pads down and is really hard to tackle." Allen has the ability to break it but maybe not at the same level as Dwyer.

Two of the B Backs have experience playing both the A and B Back positions. This should be an added plus for them. "I think it gives us flexibility and that's the neat thing about this offense and we sell that to them by telling them they can play more than one position." Not only do the Jackets have depth a B Back but they have the same depth at A Back. "What Anthony and Luke bring is a bigger body if you need to move them to slot but it's good because the more they know the better."

Luke Cox is also a back that the Jackets can use on short yardage situations. "I'll tell you what, he is hard to tackle," said Bohannon. "In the spring he did a great job and Richard (Watson) is a big physical guy and Preston Lyons was the backup last year."

One luxury of having the depth this year is moving Charles Perkins to A Back to learn that position. "We split him half and half in the spring and he's at A Back now simply because of the depth at B Back," said Bohannon. "He's going to have a future here and where it ends up being this year will determine." Perkins has gotten bigger and stronger and being in the program for a semester has given him a better idea of what's going on and what he needs to do to get on the field.

Cox enters his final year at Tech having gained experience at both back positions. This season he'll be returning to the B Back position. "I definitely feel I fit the position better" Cox knows that all of the backs will be getting their chances this season. "Competition is definitely making us better." Having played both positions has helped Luke better learn the offense. "I know as much as the quarterback at least I think I do."

Luke has his sights on one goal going into the season. "As a team I want to win the ACC title because we've never done it back to back." Luke is all about the team and that's a goal he'll share with his teammates this season.

Cox knows that the schedule is back loaded and that may determine how well they do this season. He does have one team in mind in that stretch of schedule. "Plain and simple, we need to beat Miami after what happened last year." Cox feels that the Jackets are a well conditioned team. "We're definitely ready to go and we're as ready as we've ever been." Top Stories