Lee Getting Closer to Decision

Vad Lee made a quick trip down to Georgia Tech on Saturday. He wanted to spend more time on campus than he did the last time he was in Atlanta. His last trip to Tech he was on his way to Alabama. Vad also wanted to see what the offense was like first hand and see the school at a more leisurely pace.

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Vad was glad he took the time to make the return trip to Atlanta. "It was a great trip and well worth the drive down." The last time in Atlanta he only had time for the Georgia Tech camp. "I didn't get a chance to see much of anything or really talk to the coaches or players." This trip gave Vad a chance to get a closer look at the offense. "I was able to talk to the coaches and some of the players on the team and Jeff Greene who was a recent commit to Georgia Tech." It was a trip that Vad really enjoyed.

Talking with Joshua Nesbitt was one of the things that really stood out to Vad. "Talking with Joshua Nesbitt was great and he really took the time to come over and talk to me and tell me about his experiences in the offense," said Lee. "He talked to me about what to expect if I came to Georgia Tech."

Another highlight for Lee was the fans. "Having the fans show me a lot of love was great and hearing them hollering "Vad Lee, Vad Lee" made me feel really wanted. " Lee hoped that his not making a decision today didn't make them mad.

Lee was impressed by the size of the Georgia Tech linemen. "I was standing on the sidelines and a huge lineman came right at me and nearly took me out," said Lee. "It made me step back a little and not be that close to the action."

As mentioned, Vad had a chance to talk to some of the players and current commit Jeff Greene. "I talked with Anthony Allen, Stephon Hill, and a few others, said Lee. "They told me what Tech is like from a student-athlete's point of view and how much they liked it at Georgia Tech." Lee enjoyed getting a view of the school from someone who was currently a student-athlete. "A coach can tell you what to expect and what they expect out of you but a player can tell you first hand what they have to do and how to handle it and that is a good way of seeing it."

Vad also got to talk to someone who went through the recruiting process before recently making a commit to Georgia Tech. "When I was talking with Jeff Greene, he told me how great a school Georgia Tech is and how much he would like for me to be his quarterback once he gets there." said Lee. "With him being such a tall receiver, he would be a great target to throw to."

Lee also had a chance to talk to some of the offensive lineman on the squad. "I got a chance to see how big they are and to get a close look at what type of players would be blocking for me if I did commit to Georgia Tech." Lee was impressed with all the love he got from the players.

The coaches also had their time with Vad. "They told me how much they wanted me there at Georgia Tech and how well they feel I would fit into the offense they run." Lee had a chance to sit down and watch some film with Coach Paul Johnson. "He talked about what he expects out of the quarterbacks and how he feels I could come in and be a big part of what they are doing at Georgia Tech." Johnson made sure that Lee understood that he wanted him to be sure before he made any type of decision. "I want to do that because I do not want to have to come back and change my mind after I made a commitment to one school."

Lee felt that his trip to Georgia Tech was a success. "I got a chance to do everything I missed the first time around and I got to talk with Joshua Nesbitt which I really wanted to do," said Lee. "He is a tough, hard-nosed quarterback that knows the offense well." Getting to talk to the players and Coach Johnson also made the trip worthwhile. "It was a great time and a huge successful trip."

Vad is now done taking his visits. "I've made visits to schools over the past couple of weeks and now I just need to sit down and pray to God to show me a sign of what direction to go. Lee knows that he has a lot of soul searching to do. "This decision is something I would like to do without any distractions from outside sources," said Lee. "I don't want to sound bad or anything but this is an important decision and one that I feel that I need to make without having any distractions or doing any interviews." Vad feels that he needs to stay out of the spotlight while he makes this big decision. "I haven't set a time frame or a date for the decision but I'll know when the time comes."

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