Vad Lee Talks About His Decision

The much anticipated press conference on quarterback Vad Lee's decision to attend college was held at Hillside High School this afternoon. Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, and North Carolina State were all vying for Lee's services.

Vad Lee – Profile

Tell us about your choice?

"I picked Georgia Tech as my college of choice. It was a great feeling to announce to the crowd of about 50 or so people and a handful of reporters that I was choosing Georgia Tech. Now that I have made that choice I feel great and am very much looking forward to being a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket."

When did you know for sure that Georgia Tech was the school for you?

"It was after my last trip to Georgia Tech. I went down there and had a real chance to take in exactly how their offense works. Up until that point I hadn't really had a chance to see the offense work. After watching it, I knew right then that I wanted to play in that offense. Seeing Joshua Nesbitt run it and visualizing myself in it, I knew I wanted to come to Georgia Tech. Plus Coach Johnson has been great throughout this whole process. He never pressured me or anything. He wanted the best for me and made sure that I took my time to be exactly sure of where I wanted to go. He is a great coach and I know he will make me a better football player and a better person while I am at Georgia Tech. Also, Coach McCollum who had been recruiting me before was at Georgia Tech and he was great too. He made me really feel welcome there and it was an added bonus of him being there. With those two coaches, I know I will be in great hands plus the entire staff is great - they work together so well. After the visit I absolutely knew I wanted to go to Georgia Tech. I knew in my heart and in my head too."

What other factors helped you choose Georgia Tech?

"While I was at the scrimmage last week, the fans were chanting my name and that was awesome. They really made me feel wanted and a part of Georgia Tech. They showed me a lot of love and I really appreciated that a lot. I knew then that once I was at Georgia Tech I was going to be at a school where the fan support is great and they are behind their team and that is something I had a factor in making my decision. Plus with Georgia Tech being in Atlanta - I mean that is a great place to be and I can't wait to get there, be a part of the school, team, and everything associated with the school."

How do your friends and family feel about your decision?

"I have gotten nothing but great support from both my family and friends on this decision. They all feel I made the best decision for me and they are supporting me 100%. I was told that the Georgia Tech alumni club up here in North Carolina had a meeting and my name was buzzing around as they were hoping I was going to pick Georgia Tech as my school. That was awesome to hear too. It seems everything is just falling into place since I decided on picking Georgia Tech a couple of weeks ago. I kept it to myself but everything always pointed to Georgia Tech. Today I announced my decision and I see a quarterback is transferring out. It's like God is pointing me towards Tech and all the signs are showing me that too."

How about our recruits, are you talking to them?

"Yes sir, I sure am. Two recruits I am working hard are Tremayne McNair and Dominique Noble. We are pretty close and I know both have Georgia Tech high on their list. I am going to get on them to come in with me so we can continue what Coach Johnson is building at Georgia Tech. Plus it would be extra nice to have North Carolina guys come in with me too."

So this is a final decision?

"Yes sir it sure is. I am ready to rock-n-roll at Georgia Tech. There is no other place I want to be than at Tech. I feel great knowing that I am now representing what Georgia Tech stands for and will carry myself with the reputation and tradition that Georgia Tech has built over the years. I am fully in love with my decision and Georgia Tech. I can't tell how great I feel right now after making this decision."

So the next thing on your list is 16-0?

"Yes sir it sure is. We want to go out as state champions and to do that we want to go 16-0 and the seniors leave Hillside as state champions Our first game is Friday (tomorrow) and now that I have this decision over with I can go out and do what it takes to get us to 16-0." Top Stories